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Sunday Kitchen

It’s Easy Using Greens

Fall heralds another season of favorite greens. Use them to make a spread and dip you’ll be proud to set out as you gather ’round the TV for football-watching.

An Apple Today

Pie is mighty fine, but this fruit is too versatile to be one-note. Think apples and cabbage, apples and sweet potatoes, apples and chilies (salsa!), apples and sausages, apples and (stuffed) squashes, apples and ground meats. For starters.

Grape Achievement

Even if baking isn’t your raison d’etre, the tart-sweet table grapes grown at Bonacorsi Family Farm in Franklin Township might motivate you to fire up the oven for an old-school grape cake.

Come Together, Right Now

No need for a list of ingredients and a recipe. At McCormack Farms, where high summer produce is peaking, just take home what catches your eye and dinner will follow.

Chilling with Italian Cukes

There’s satisfying depth to a light main-dish meal inspired by a less-common variety of the cylindrical green(ish) fruit.

Cheers for Yellow Wax Beans!

Bring on the brine to add flavor and longer life to these at-peak string beans.

The Many-Sided Watermelon

Mark Twain believed it’s what angels eat. Earthly beings who dare to do more than devour it out of hand know it’s among our most versatile fruits.

At Samaha’s

Tomatoes, corn and peaches: The Holy Trinity of High Summer in the Garden State. Farmers sew – and we are reaping.

Mazi Piri-Piri Sauce

Hot foods, way cool memories – and a flavor that springs eternal.

What’s Up? Carrots

Shun the “baby” cut-outs of supermarket fame and shore up the Garden State-grown roots in season right now. With a perky vinaigrette, our beloved vegetable gets you on the fast track to supper.

A Story of Seasonality

Here and then gone, a fruit such as the blueberry can disappear in a heartbeat, leaving a fan kinda blue. Or, maybe, wiser.

Sour Cherries

The prettiest pickle you’ll ever see comes with memories and sage advice from a culinary mentor.


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