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A Tough Nut to Crack

Pine Barrens homesteader and LOTF columnist Lauren Vitagliano loves a challenge in the kitchen. So when she decided to ring in the holiday season by tackling a 26-pound harvest of chestnuts from a nearby farm, she figured marron glacés would be très magnifique. Read on to learn what happened.

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For additional resources on chestnuts, check out the The American Chestnut Federation at Its mission is to “return the iconic American chestnut to its native range.”


Lauren Vitagliano lives in Sweetwater, where the terroir she admires and respects provides endless fodder for homesteading. She holds a master’s degree in aeronautical science, a field completely unrelated to homesteading, and works for the Federal Aviation Administration in airport safety research and development. When she was 25, a friend told her she was the grandmother she never had. Stay tuned for more tales from the Post (


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