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Sparkling Light

Soleiada Winery taps Conor Quilty as its new winemaker, popping the cork on a ground-breaking concept for the Garden State.

From Pharma to Farmer

Steven Price is sprouting a multifaceted culinary business from garlic. He’s grower, maker, inventor, marketer, cook – and, perhaps most importantly, teacher.

Born to Bake

There’s something about a Carey Bell confection that sets it apart from the pack. Flavor, texture, attitude, appearance – they all play a part in giving her work a voice that’s riveting, distinctive and, perhaps most importantly, intuitive.

Total Eclipse

With a style that’s personal and distinctive, crazy-quick rotations and uncommon touches to base recipes, brewmaster Chris Mattern gives new meaning to the term “microbrew.”

The Gingered Peach

Gathering inspiration for her baked goods everywhere from Trenton to Brittany, from the Deep South to the Mediterranean, Joanne Canady-Brown presents a globe-trotting oeuvre in downtown Lawrenceville.

Brews get boffo box office!

Alternate Ending is Scott Novick’s very personal love story with beer that happens to be set in a land where dreams come true.

Evolution of a Revolution

Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse’s pioneering owners mark another first: a pause

Spice Trove

Audrey Powell’s bold new beverage is made from a masterful mix of ingredients that salutes the power of spices.

Beyond Prime

To paraphrase Confucious: The way your meat is butchered reflects the way you live. Sebastien Destree, owner of The Pastoral Pig in Flanders, takes pride in cultivating relationships with farmers who in turn take pride in the care and feeding and health of their animals.

Crimson Tide

Cranberry farmers in the Garden State’s Pinelands flood their bogs every fall to harvest a food Americans give thanks for, continuing a centuries-old practice that enriches our culinary culture and creates community. KELLY-JANE COTTER reports from the land of ruby, pink and white. 


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