LIFE ON THE FARM: Cheesemaking Does Not Stand Alone

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Restaurant Revue EATONTOWN


What’s it called when a pre-proportioned feast of many parts is presented as a kind of culinary harmonic convergence? Thali time. At this suburban hub for Indian classics, you’ll also want a prelude of poori.

Of Reaping and Sowing

What Dorothy Turner grows, her community eats. Right now, the veteran farmer is planning her customers’ next meals from her fields in Howell.

Best in Class

Nancy and James Laird lead a living legend in New Jersey’s restaurant world, and do so with uncommon class, dignity and well-honed skills. Restaurant Serenade in Chatham, where they serve American cuisine using French techniques and local ingredients, is quite simply pitch-perfect.

Pro Picks: 2023/2024

What food or dish did you cook or grow or make in 2023 that best expresses why you do what you do in the culinary arts? And: What are you most looking forward to cooking, growing, making or eating in 2024? We asked and the pros answered.

Fish Ed

Mark Drabich of Metropolitan Seafood & Gourmet in Lebanon doesn't just celebrate the Feast of Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve. He salutes the diversity of the world's tens of thousands of fishes every day of the year.

Sister Kitchen

Working out of St. Monica’s Church in Atlantic City, a team dedicated to advancing the mission of the legendary Sister Jean is getting cooking on her primary goal: feeding meals to people in need.

Wine Wise

Andrea and Elisabeth Maranca have turned Tewksbury Fine Wine & Spirits into a headquarters for top-notch terroir-driven libations and, even more importantly, insightful, helpful and riveting conversations about the subject they’ve chosen to illuminate.

Twin Goats Cafe

Congeniality fosters community at a day café that’s all about inclusivity, plant-based fare and sincerity that doesn’t quit.

To Spice, with Love

Intimidated by the Indian blends essential to the magically seasoned dishes you covet? Be cowed no more, armed with both bottlings and a companion cookery book by Barkha Cardoz.

Home, Fertile Home

Homesteading places importance on the life arts, the land, the seasons and mindful stewardship. To an increasing number of practitioners, it also means educating community.

Growing and Gardening

Brittney Portes is digging in to a career in farming at an angle all her own. Paramus-raised and now heading up a community garden at Montclair State University, she aims to share passion and knowledge with those looking to grow with her.

Catch to Kitchen

Amanda Axelsson and Brady Lybarger champion the scallop, that free-living species in the bivalve family capable of swimming like an Olympian and realizing the fantasies of seafood-centric chefs from Japan and China to the Iberian Peninsula to the Jersey Shore.


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