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Season's Eatings

Cranberry Contest

Native to our Pinelands and popping up in markets right now throughout the Garden State, the ruby berry that is equal parts nutritional and flavor powerhouse may be fundamental to our holiday-season tables, but could and should be a year-round staple. Herewith, YOUR chance to prove its singular mettle.

‘Blessed Little Fishes’

Tinned fishes are easy to take for granted. They’re also easy to take advantage of when dinner-in-a-minute is the order of the day.

A Reverence for Ratatouille

Sure, you can dump vegetables in a pot, stew it and serve it. But if you treat those same vegetables with a little more respect, the result is a supper worth sitting down to.


It’s the seafood dish that lets you keep your cool when summer’s at its sticky-thickest. What makes it ever so right, now and always? Its fans weigh in.

Amaranth, to Amaze

Pretty and showy, with its green-and-red leaves bringing Christmas colors to July, this peak-summer plant may be a looker, but it’s also too flavorful and nutritious not to eat. Ella explores the possibilities.

Snap Into Summer

Honeysuckle memories blend into sugary pea todays. The popcorn of June.

Different Drumsticks

… and other dishes that beat out the usual prospects on a holiday weekend that kicks off the good ol’ summertime.

Honest ABE

All hail asparagus, which at the farms where it’s cultivated often is the first major vegetable to reach harvest in spring. McCormack Farms picked its first round on Wednesday and it sold faster than Taylor Swift concert tickets.

Rabes to the Rescue

Bridging the traditional leanest-season produce gap are lesser-known but decidedly not less-flavorful greens: kale rabe, spring rabe and arugula rabe.

Cinnamon Stick Tea

… and other flu-soaked sob stories from the leanest time of the year for a diehard Jersey-grown freshest-food addict.

New Year’s Eve: Dining In

Dinner-and-a-movie – a celebration at home, where slippers-and-a-fuzzy-sweater are in style, and food can be equal parts festive and flavorful without engaging in too much fuss. Own your farewell to 2022 by shopping smart and mastering the art of the put-together.

Fishing for Ideas

Hosting or contributing to a traditional Feast of Seven Fishes this Christmas Eve? Planning a seafood fest during these holiday weeks or sometime in early 2023? The team at Sweet Amalia’s has a blueprint for success mapped out and ready to inspire.


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