SEASON'S EATINGS Jarring Experiences

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Season's Eatings

Jarring Experiences

Minimal effort brings maximum appeal and top-notch eating when fun fare comes wrapped to please. Ella sees making edible gifts to present in glass jars as a most fulfilling task.

10 No-Fuss Thanksgiving Dishes

When you don’t have time to preserve anything other than your own sanity, do what you must do and cut back. It’s OK. Very OK. Think of it as starting a new cherished tradition.

Peak Interest

The smartest shoppers know the time is now to hit our Garden State farmers’ markets. The selection is sizable, the quality and community can’t be beat, and the camaraderie the kind of contagious we actually appreciate. Buy as local as local gets this holiday season, and make a resolution to continue that practice in the new year.

The Littlest Pears

Take all the time you need to pick yourself a peck of pears. You’ll make up for it in the speedy baking and no-fuss serving.

Power to the Pumpkin

Get to the heart – or, rather, the guts – of the matter and follow Ella’s lead: Cook more pumpkins this month than you decorate. You’ll find it’s fun to carve them, but even better to fashion into dinner.

Peaches, from Parks Farms

From a family farm in Chester Township more than a century old comes a steady stream of seasonal produce starring summer’s peak peaches. Ella Rapp also finds a pipeline to guidance in the duo who shepherds its farmstand.

Garden Jewels

There’s good reason the lettuce called Little Gem is so loved. Cabbage Throw Farm’s new crop will explain it all for you.


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