SEASON'S EATINGS Power to the Pumpkin

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Restaurant Revue ASBURY PARK

Kimchi Mama

Enlarged in menu and space, a revived Korean comes to the Shore and perks up classics with subtle yet effective riffs. BTW: There’s groovy ice cream and an artful shop to explore nearby.

Restaurant Revue HACKETTSTOWN

Main Street Café

Don’t let the plain-Jane name fool you. There’s more than coffee and pastries at this Colombian day café with a host of authentic specialties that includes your new favorite anytime-of-day food, the baleada.

It’s Personal: 9-26-22

You love a certain food. So why not order what you love? Especially if a new spin, a new take, a new incarnation can bring more reason to love it? Each of this fortnight’s favorites have a history of some sort – but also a certain extra something that intrigues and propels.

Shanti Mignogna, Talula’s

The influential chef who never stops thinking, never stops creating and never will stop building community is the newest inductee into TPW's chef-picks-chef club of top toques. As the owner of the instantly iconic restaurant in Asbury Park reflects, she also looks forward – and inside, to see what she can do to further the industry she loves.

Wakai Japanese Craft Ramen

A standout not only for ramen, this sleek storefront from which Waki Ng serves forth is able to accommodate the chef’s worldly view while showing proper respect for cherished classics.

Shagbark Hickory

Straight from Hoppy Valley Farm in northwestern Morris County comes an out-of-the-ordinary ingredient that can put a new spin on your baking and cooking. Ella experiments with a flavor destined for stardom.

Restaurant Revue WARREN TOWNSHIP

Brasa Wood-Fired Grill

Portuguese classics charred and burnished by flames that spring up from wood steal the good show at a new storefront in a Somerset County ’burg.

Restaurant Revue LONGPORT

La Barca

Right in a special way, gnocchi take the lead at this bayside newcomer with a pedigreed past. But there’s more to learn how to love across the bills of food and drink fare.

Squid Ink Fettuccine

Many come for the meatballs. Or for the wood-fired pizza. And perhaps the nightly specials. But for some, Piattino in Mendham (and also Summit) is the place where squid ink pasta with shrimp and horseradish-spiked breadcrumbs is the standout.

Restaurant Revue CHERRY HILL


Rakesh Ramola’s often playful, mostly modern Indian dishes return to the Garden State in a dressed-up shopping center storefront. The chef is at his best when he successfully furthers the influence of every spice in the republic’s culinary vernacular.

Doubling the Standard: 9-12-22

You’d think ordinary foods – corn, chicken, ice cream, tofu, sausages – couldn’t shout out from various bills of fare as extraordinary, offering twice the flavor of presumably precious eats, right? Well, these did in the two weeks just past. Satisfyingly, and then some.

Coffee, with an Empanada on the Side

At El Monte in Chester, a husband-and-wife team roast, brew and make a tempting savory pastry. Combine, and create a winning start to the day. And a way to keep it going.


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