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The Windlass

Hard on the shores of Lake Hopatcong is this spot where nature’s gifts, creature-made comforts and a range of worthy food converge. Grab a glider booth, a cocktail and ponder the edible options.

Restaurant Revue TOMS RIVER

Mathis House

There are temptations in teapots, food that’s pristine and a setting that inspires nod-to-your-neighbor propriety at this historic mansion where posh reigns.

Not to Be Taken Lightly: 9-13-21

There are a lot of bold tastes in this cycle’s favorites, including a BLT that’s destined for widespread greatness, a huuuuge cookie, a powerful pet nat, a game-changing clam roll and a bowl of unexpectedly potent ramen.

Bamboo House

The shape’s familiar. So is the stately presentation on a pretty platter. But what’s inside the Black Rice Roll at this Japanese-Thai BYOB in Frenchtown diverges from the norm.

Restaurant Revue NEPTUNE CITY

The Grand Tavern

Calvin Trillin, a seminal writer with four-star ideas about food, long has campaigned to have pasta carbonara replace turkey as the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner. As usual, he’s spot-on correct. But there’s a new contender in the “86 the Bird” movement: the cavatelli BLT at this pub-by-the-Shore.


Bahay Kubo

This is one fun way to eat, this communal-style Filipino feast known as kamayan. Easy, too. Except for figuring out how to stop.

Sweet Amalia’s Oysters

Even in their lean season, these hand-harvested slurpers are the queens of our waters.

Manu’s Kitchen Bar and Sushi Lounge

Portuguese and Japanese plates co-exist and co-mingle at a distinctive destination in the Ironbound.

Restaurant Revue Ocean Grove

The Porch Crepe Cafe

A Bonus Brief RR: Bid the season adieu this week with crepes savory and sweet at an outdoor café that’s tres charmant.

Restaurant Revue Northfield

Taqueria Rendon

Chef Marco Rendon’s birria specialist slipped into town on Cinco de Mayo, putting into the spotlight takes on the sensation that are destined to make it even more sensational.

Full-throttle Flavors: 8-30-21

Nothing shy here: Fried squid shooting juices; birria bursting from a torta; wild boar ragu fit for sweater weather, but bright enough for summer’s end; dried shrimp powder that’s oomph in a jar; milk with true terroir. All in our every-other-week favorites report.

Chefs Rory and Aaron Philipson of The Blue Bottle Café

A caring community has built up around this innovative café in Hopewell, the next stop on the Chef Train.


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