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Fortnightly 5

Cape May County Riches

Spend a handful of days in our southeasternmost county listening to what locals have to say about their home-grown eats and you’ll come away with a bounty of splendid fare – such as these fab five recommendations that top the charts for the two weeks just past.

Leading with Lemon

Masterful applications of the citrus take charge in a trio of top eats, while the other two picks for this go-round can spice up snack fare.

The Freshest Takes

There’s nothing unfamiliar about our five favorites, but all take a spin on the usual to make for superior eating. Far superior.

Free-wheeling Range

A soda and a gravy, a burrito and a love child of a cross-cultural rice dish. Throw in a groovy green and you’ve got quite the spectrum of top eats of past two weeks.

Why/When It’s 3, Not 5

All told, the salmon belly, cauliflower taco and buttery claytonia would make a most delightful meal. So we’ll move past what might have been, toast this trio and hope for better in the weeks to come.

Produce to the Max

Merely by chance, very unsuspecting, the favorites of the past two weeks happen to be stalwarts of the produce bins given extra loving in dishes that make veg and fruit lovers most happy fans.

Flours and Fishes

The tops of the two weeks just past show off three very different uses of flours and two polar-opposite approaches to fishes.

Welcome Revisits

Think you know muffins, hummus, duck, Asian seafood bowls and layer cakes? Well, not so fast: These versions made by pros with superpowers show how thoughtful tweaks can improve a standard.

Personal Passions

Chefs at restaurants that touch bases around the world might be anchored in the Garden State, but they stay true to their roots with dishes both poignant and powerful.

Known Quantities Revisited: 2-5-24

It might be a classic given a fresh look or perhaps simply the ultimate in respect. Either way, the favorite eats of the past two weeks more than pass the endurance test.

Cold-weather Comforts: 1-22-24

Sweet potatoes, peaches, The Pepito, plump shrimp wontons and puffy beans and cod are the stars of the eating shows of the two weeks just past. Review here, then plan to consume.

Winter Fresh: 1-8-24

The official Jersey Fresh seasonality chart may give short-shrift to our four-season farmers in these winter months, but you don’t have to. Their crops, and some top-notch right-for-now specialty foods, show what’s peak at this brrrr time of year.


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