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Fortnightly 5

Here’s to the Champs: 11-22-21

The World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals and MLS Cup are to their respective sports what these dishes are to their genres.

When the Best Gets Better: 11-8-21

Just when you think you’ve had the very best of something – be it a quiche or a ceviche, a hot chicken sandwich or a fruited tea – along comes a new take to turn your head and steal your heart.

Quintessential Fall: 10-25-21

Much ado about autumn, much so fitting for this refreshing time of year.

Worldly Bites and a Bright Sip: 10-11-21

Come eat with Shawn – and read all about his greatest food hits of the fortnight just past.

Luxury Goods: 9-27-21

Lobster and a primo chop, the king of crudo and the queen of mushrooms. Oh, yes: There’s even a hot dog that hits the heights.

Not to Be Taken Lightly: 9-13-21

There are a lot of bold tastes in this cycle’s favorites, including a BLT that’s destined for widespread greatness, a huuuuge cookie, a powerful pet nat, a game-changing clam roll and a bowl of unexpectedly potent ramen.

Full-throttle Flavors: 8-30-21

Nothing shy here: Fried squid shooting juices; birria bursting from a torta; wild boar ragu fit for sweater weather, but bright enough for summer’s end; dried shrimp powder that’s oomph in a jar; milk with true terroir. All in our every-other-week favorites report.

Twists to Shout About: 8-16-21

Tomatoes with Asian noodles? A soup for summer’s dog days? Roasted chicken with uncommon accompaniments? Ah, the unexpected edible highs of high summer.

The Potency of Produce: 8-2-21

Fruits and vegetables, solo or blended or used to infuse, have a powerful influence on mid-summer eats.

News on Normal: 7-19-21

Nothing fancy somehow catches the fancy, when it’s done with loving care.

Sour Power: 7-5-21

A few punches of sour, a tip to tart and a rumble of rum: These were the flavors that underscored and elevated favorites of the past two weeks.

Summer’s Start: 6-21-21

Could it be all the new menus? Or is it more about personal cravings? Likely a combo of both, and maybe more. The foods of summer are calling.


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