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Fortnightly 5

First Rate Second Takes: 11-21-22

You think you know a certain dish – and then you come across a new incarnation of a familiar favorite and fall in love all over again. Well, that’s what a top-tier chef does best.

Holiday Dreaming: 11-7-22

Thinking about holiday feedings? There’s a lot of that going around. These favorites from the two weeks just past might spark some bright ideas.

Cream of the Crop

Top-notch chefs are whipping up some all-luxe fare. And not just in the dessert realm. Plus, there’s a plus-one this week, so please read all the way to the end of this edition of favorites from the recent eating past.

It’s Personal: 9-26-22

You love a certain food. So why not order what you love? Especially if a new spin, a new take, a new incarnation can bring more reason to love it? Each of this fortnight’s favorites have a history of some sort – but also a certain extra something that intrigues and propels.

Doubling the Standard: 9-12-22

You’d think ordinary foods – corn, chicken, ice cream, tofu, sausages – couldn’t shout out from various bills of fare as extraordinary, offering twice the flavor of presumably precious eats, right? Well, these did in the two weeks just past. Satisfyingly, and then some.

Rolls & Bowls: 8-29-22

Favorite foods of the two weeks just past see new spins put on styles long popular in culinary culture.

Warmups: 8-15-22

Be it courtesy of the embrace of craft, the congeniality of place, the love inherent in preparation, or the teamwork of farmer and Mother Nature, the favorites of the two weeks just past are cosseted in warmth.

Big Guns: 8-1-22

Forget subtle. Forceful flavors from ingredients meant to dominate take charge in the couple weeks just past. Ready, aim – eat!

Stars Shining Brightly: 7-18-22

Five are here – and five got left on the cutting room floor. That’s how very fine the eats were in the fortnight just past. Blueberries, rich ramen, a beast of a bagel sandwich, gregarious giardiniera, and hale and hearty oysters are the honored best.

Lemon Love: 7-4-22

Lifted by the sour-tart scent and taste of a seminal citrus fruit are several favorites from the past two weeks that include pie and pasta, a Palestinian classic and a perked-up berry sauce.

Classy Classics: 6-20-22

Some get a spin, some stay the course: It’s a pate and an omelet, biscotti and pickles, and a colossal crab stir-fry that are the stand-out eats of the past two weeks.

Change-ups and Curve Balls: 6-6-22

We’re getting pitched some switcheroos, a bunch of 180s that take dishes in unexpectedly audacious directions. When such moves are executed with panache, we can find ourselves in a whole new ballgame.


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