Food Find: Ceviche de Camarones

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Fortnightly 5

Lemon Love: 7-4-22

Lifted by the sour-tart scent and taste of a seminal citrus fruit are several favorites from the past two weeks that include pie and pasta, a Palestinian classic and a perked-up berry sauce.

Classy Classics: 6-20-22

Some get a spin, some stay the course: It’s a pate and an omelet, biscotti and pickles, and a colossal crab stir-fry that are the stand-out eats of the past two weeks.

Change-ups and Curve Balls: 6-6-22

We’re getting pitched some switcheroos, a bunch of 180s that take dishes in unexpectedly audacious directions. When such moves are executed with panache, we can find ourselves in a whole new ballgame.

Farmed, Foraged, Fortified: 5-23-22

It’s not surprising that tapping sources closest to our lands yields the best-tasting eats. That’s the way it’s been the past two weeks, with favorites showing direct ties to people, place and process.

Bumping It Up: 5-9-22

That something extra is behind every favorite bite taken in the two weeks just past. From Mexican to chippies, from chocolate with a whisper of peanut and a cupcake strong on produce department ingredients to a seductive salad dressing, these foods got it going on.

Springing Up: 4-25-22

The season of renewal is busting out all over, in crepes, stew-y soups, ice creams, an accent that commands a pork dish, and even a vegetable that’s tender and warm. It’s all the start of something big.

Old Reliables, New Ways: 3-28-22

A calzone stuffed with clams in their shells? Eggs popping out of a veritable casserole? Garlic as frothy as a souffle? Familiar foods find fresh uses in favorite eats of the two weeks just past.

Sensory Experiences: 3-14-22

Sweet, tart, sour, tannic and umami factor into favorite eats of the two weeks just past, giving the taste buds a total workout.

Wintry Wake-ups: 2-28-22

So much for long winter naps. Too much too spirited to snooze on keeps the eating lively and bright.

Wintertime Prime

Limited? Boring? Dull? If you think this is the season for monotonous eats, you need to have what we’ve been having: polenta, pastries, greens, golden beets and … chocolate.

Flavor Forward: 1-31-22

Nothing shy about our latest Fab 5, which includes plush foie gras with a counterpointing conserve; super-smoky charred cauliflower; and a bold cilantro salad that goes pungent-on-pungent.

Comforts & Joys: 1-17-22

Swaddle yourself in smoked salmon. Cuddle up to chocolates. Ogle that fat in a classic oxtail dish and just dig in. Favorites of right now are designed to soothe.


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