Restaurant Revue: Sky Café

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Restaurant Revue


Sky Café

Far from the roar and congestion of EWR, JFK and PHL is a little airport in a sprawling, agrarian municipality in Hunterdon County where modernized classics take its café’s diners on a vacation spanning breakfast or lunch. Or, perhaps, both.

Restaurant Revue MAPLEWOOD

True Salvage Café

What Signe Heffernan cooks at this day café whose name aptly describes its décor isn’t anything new. It’s just that she gives favorites a little twist and makes them even more lovable.

Summer Salt

With a hybrid fixed-price menu that showcases Jersey seafood and produce from local farms, this seasonal BYOB is a dunes buddy with breezy, inviting energy and a magical setting. The cooking, however, ebbs and flows.

Restaurant Revue STATEWIDE

Fork Is Over

We may not be seeing the death of the fork in our dining-out lives, but we certainly are witnessing a dearth of its use as hand-held foods surge on menus.

Restaurant Revue WEST WILDWOOD

The Dock

South American influences, Cape May County ingredients and an owner who’s a natural at the hospitality game combine for a triple-decker sandwich made expressly for summer at the Shore.



Geographical tweaks to familiar foods help fulfill the promise of something refreshingly different at a just-opened taqueria on Long Beach Island that focuses on Latin American street fare.


LB’s Lunch Box

All is groovy – tasty, too – at a seasonal getaway for lunch, brunch and early dinner on Belhaven Lake deep in the heart of the Pine Barrens. A young chef with a knack for updating casual classics is the maestro of the good times.

Restaurant Revue MONMOUTH BEACH

Chofi Beach

Kim and Patrick Flammia let seafood dominate at the new beach town spinoff of their birria-centric cubby in Union City. The upshot: The summertime traffic along Ocean Avenue in Monmouth County is only going to get worse.

Water Dog Smoke House

Say a stream of hosannas daily to Betty, the inspiration for this utopia where smoked fishes rule and additives of any sort have been chased out of town by champions of purity and craft.

Restaurant Revue BLOOMFIELD

7 Doors Down Ramen Co.

High-style, carefully composed ramen, meticulous ceviche and a bunch of well-crafted Nikkei-or-not dishes come out of a bullish kitchen that’s the spawn of a Detroit pizza spot. Only in New Jersey.

Restaurant Revue CAPE MAY


Do formality and a culinary style steeped in tradition have a place at the Shore? Yes, if convened by a chef with the experience and focus on mission to see it all through.


Joey Trani is a chef who knows how to cook, and cook he does at this Ischia-inspired storefront that marries elegance and hominess and often hits one out of the ballpark. Joltin’ Joe may not have left and gone away after all.


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