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Restaurant Revue

Milford House

A seafood-centric roadhouse at the edge of a river town in Hunterdon County is where locals and daytrippers find comforting foods and hat-tips to a local farm.

Restaurant Revue MARLBORO

Jinli Sichuan Cuisine

Careless prepping, cooking and seasoning sink too many dishes at an expansive spot in an area where there’s ample competition.

Restaurant Revue STATEWIDE

Friends & Family

Don’t let modern marketing corrupt the meaning of the term. Gather loved ones, find a table out there in Restaurantland, and eat. We have some ideas for you – 20 of them, in fact.

Restaurant Revue CHERRY HILL

Hen Vietnamese Eatery

There’s a dish at this well-run storefront that you must eat on the premises and another you’d do well to take on the road. Start with one of each and then proceed with experiencing everything else on chef Andrew Ma’s all-star menu.

Umai Sushi and Steakhouse

A classic Jersey guy redefines omakase and delivers an unmatched experience in a storefront strip mall. He's a purist and an independent cuss who simply wants to share his vision. It's your loss if you don’t take a look.

Restaurant Revue NORTH BRUNSWICK

Las Crazy Pinas

Don’t let the jumbotron-size portions at this authentic Mexican storefront fool you: There’s serious thought and execution going into every single intimidating platter and cauldron of food chef Victor Rampel cooks and front-of-house conductor Fabi Rampel serves.

Restaurant Revue LONG BRANCH

Mama Hill

A vegan grab-and-go treads onto uncommon ground by spinning conventional Southern and Latin American dishes into plant-based fare. Even so, the menu, courtesy of a couple who long have catered, pays proper respect to the legacy of home-cooking.


Losing Streak

It’s been a run of lousy luck. Or, rather, lousy dishes that do much more than fail to deliver a satisfying meal. So, first we talk about it. Then we move on – in search of better dining times.


Buzby’s Eatery and General Store

Recently reopened and slightly renamed, the institution in the village of Chatsworth is serving breakfast and lunch, with ample sides of stories, as its new owners rev up for much more.


Priscilla’s Pantry

It seems as though everyone is meal-hunting at this convivial gathering spot for feeding in the Somerset Hills where the mission is to take convenience to a better-tasting level.


Sergeantsville Inn

Chef Daniel Brunina and co-owner Jes Taylor are proving that a striking setting and top-flight food are not mutually exclusive at their revival of a centuries-old landmark in one of the most bucolic parts of our state.

The Panzarotti Spot

A thing of taste and textural beauty, the stuffed and fried pocket of pizza dough made its American debut in this city more than 60 years ago, thanks to a mother of 10 ready to ply her culinary skills to help her family.


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