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Bonanza of Bounty

The farmers and food artisans are ready – and so should you be, too: It’s high spring season at some of the biggest and busiest buy-direct markets in the Garden State. We check out three and find both longtime favorites and new loves.

Shopping Right

Three, two, one – head to a farmers’ market! Buy fresh-as-it-gets directly from the grower, producer, maker. It’s the most gloriously abundant time of the year, and it’s just beginning.

Atul Bakery

Savories and sweets from a bakeshop born in Gujarat, India, and taking seed in the Garden State offer alternatives to usual grab-and-go fare. Will it give a long-timer in the game a run for its money?

Ringing Endorsements

Finding that just-right ingredient can spark inspiration to create something quite different than the usual dishes for a day that's become a significant eating holiday.

Wild in the Treats

Vegan, anyone? Or gluten-free? For diehards or toe-dippers, there’s a new bakeshop in Atlantic Highlands to suit choice or mood.

Winter Farmers’ Markets, Class of ’24

There is no better, wiser resolution you can make than to shop the Garden State’s winter farmers’ markets, even if it means taking a bit of a trip to stock up on what our farmers and artisans are growing and producing. It’s toasting all-around good health – and the best eating.

Get Prepared

Do the shop-to-serve shuffle and forget the chopping and sauteing. If you hit the ethnic uber-markets’ prepared foods sections, you can host a party without clutching a knife.

Smoked Salmon Chowder

South Jersey Smoke House gives Garden Staters a chowder of our own with a new and singular stewy soup. (Or is it a soupy stew?)

Kewpie Plus Umami

Start with the Japanese mayo. Whisk in anchovy powder. Or seaweed salt. You’ll find many ways to take it from there.

Sour Cherries

Fruit is what these fresh little guys with the sunny-red color are all about. Eat them out of hand while you can – their season is way too short – and partner them with blueberries for a dessert to salute this holiday weekend.

The Greater Bridgeton Amish Market

They’re making whoopie pies and lots more at this gathering place in Cumberland County that’s true to its name and faithful to the concept of offering quality comfort foods to the community.

Haht Stuff Coming Through

A most versatile beverage mix for the culinarily curious is a nuanced blend of fruits and chilies developed by an inquisitive talent.


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