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Lucky-Me Leftovers

Duck, Duck, Salad

The next time a dining companion tells you not to fill up on chips, salsa and a starter at your favorite Mexican, invoke the Sue Rule and note that it’s all the good cause of tomorrow’s feeding. Today our resident food-upcycling wiz turns a special entree into a seasonal crispy duck salad.

Lobster Risotto

You’ve invested in lobster. Now think of its shells as interest waiting to be compounded and use them to make stock and earn yourself another lobster supper. TPW’s food-upcycling wiz, Sue Sell Bernstein, is back with more inspiration for producing excellent edible sequels.

Sue’s New Beans

In a new iteration of a useful, inspiring column, a longtime cooking teacher takes on the challenge of turning doggie-bag Asian-style string beans into a company-worthy dinner. Meet our food-upcycling wiz, Sue Sell Bernstein.

Turkey Chili

White beans, plus much that’s sitting post-feast in your crowded fridge, can combine to make a supper fit for a crowd.

Tomato Salad, Kimchi’d

Don’t want to fridge tomatoes? With you on that. But what if you’ve sliced and chopped up too many to eat today and want to eat them in slightly different form tomorrow?

White Rice, Revived

Or: Confessions of someone who only does takeout Chinese when the moon is full on a fifth Tuesday.

Scraps into Snacks

It’s time for some pre-spring cleaning of your fridge’s vegetable and cheese bins. Come on, now! Don’t feel guilty or accused: We all have foods in those drawers we suspect are old enough to vote. Many just need a little love.

Fish Stew

Don’t let leftover cooked fish fillets go to waste: Turn them into next-day eats by using a quick-fix that just might earn a spot in your dinner rotation.


Got eggs? And dregs from the fridge? You’ve got dinner.


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