SUNDAY KITCHEN: The Great Dips-for-Dumplings Experiment

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Food Find

Smoked Bluefish Dip

Scallop Shack Farms’ extraordinary spread will make itself right at home in your kitchen, proving its usefulness and camaraderie with far more than the usual dip partners.

Blue Lady’s Trash Can Poutine

Imported from Canada are a food truck, its chef-driver and a fabled dish. All are finding a new home in Union County.

Spruce Blue Jam

Spruce tips and Hammonton blueberries find happiness together in a Pine Barrens Post jam. Which in turn inspires a new take on an old recipe.

Norma’s Spinach Turnovers

It’s an easy-as-pie any meal, any time heat-then-eat food made by the folks at a landmark restaurant in Cherry Hill and sold at its adjoining grocery.

55-Pepper, Fermented

South Jersey’s rising culinary community takes a step higher with two new products from Reed’s Farm in Egg Harbor Township that showcase the skill and vision of a pair of collaborators. Guest writer Jeff Quattrone explains why he’s thrilled and delighted with the outcome.


At The Greek Spot in Monmouth County, the classic lemon-chicken soup gets the creamy treatment and an undercurrent of orzo. It’s The Other Chicken Soup to seek when it’s your turn to be under the weather.

Cookie Butter Sundae

At Jersey Cow Ice Cream in Northfield, there are welcoming hand-warmers, shots of hot espresso to be poured over homemade hard ice cream and, best of all, a limited-edition sundae built on waffles made on the spot.

Paratha, Cooked to Order

At the Holland Delta Mart, sitting astride its companion gas pumps in the far west of Hunterdon County, South Asian flatbreads are flipped off a hot griddle into the custody of fortunate passers-by. As well as those who know enough to make a special trip.

This Soup is ON!

The new winner and the uncontested champ in a category we care supremely about is … the Garden State Tomato Soup.

Mannino’s Cannoli

A purveyor in Hammonton of a super-sized sweet from Sicily pledges its troth to local and seasonal ingredients and, in the process, wins over traditionalists.

Gazpacho, at The Bridge Café

Authentic? Maybe not. But delightfully refreshing and well-suited to the season? Absolutely.

The Kim Wrap

At Wildflower Vegan Café in Millville, a proprietary sandwich hits on a rainbow of taste notes. It’s off-menu, and worth a query. Heck, it’s worth begging.


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