FORTNIGHTLY 5: Farmed, Foraged, Fortified: 5-23-22

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Food Find

Carol’s Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cups

To eat one of these chocolates is to leave Earth. Temporarily, but oh so happily.

Dirty Dills

These pickles will spear your heart: Made by hand in Sussex County, they come in flavors that give a nod to picklers in ports worldwide. Bacon pickle, anyone?

Toum: Garlic, Fluffed

A staple in Lebanon, where it’s rightly revered, this meringue-like pouf made by Steven Price of River Lea House brings Mediterranean magic to mealtimes.


A mild, slightly sweet type of radish, this winter crop favorite comes in more colors than common supermarket white. Let it color your late-winter world.

Sweet Sourland Farms Pure Maple Syrup

Toast winter’s tapping and maple syrup-making season by doing more than just pouring our Garden State sweet stuff over pancakes and into cookie batter. The “black gold” from a farm in Hopewell will inspire.

The Down Under

At Burgertime in Audubon, a minimalist’s maxim is turned on its ear by a patty brazenly embellished. Adam Erace shares the bloomin’ truth.

Oats of Allegiance

Local as local gets are Garden State oats from Morganics and River Valley Community Grains. A bonus: They’re ready to roll three meals a day.

Diablo-Cado con Huevo

Got avocado toast fatigue? Kitch Organic in Red Bank refreshes a tired trend with none other than salt and pepper.


A confectionary in the food court at Mitsuwa offers exceptional renditions of two favorites at neighboring stalls in the busy marketplace in Edgewater.

Jammin’ Jars

Buy now and eat now – and later. Just remember to buy these top-notch preserves in bulk for gift-giving this holiday season.

Hank’s Cilanktro Hot Sauce

A different sauce, that opens a world of possibilities.

Jack Potatoes

You don’t know jack about building a stuffed spud until you visit this newcomer in Westwood to check out the “Classic” and its kin.


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