FOOD FIND: Kai Sweets

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Food Find


A confectionary in the food court at Mitsuwa offers exceptional renditions of two favorites at neighboring stalls in the busy marketplace in Edgewater.

Jammin’ Jars

Buy now and eat now – and later. Just remember to buy these top-notch preserves in bulk for gift-giving this holiday season.

Hank’s Cilanktro Hot Sauce

A different sauce, that opens a world of possibilities.

Jack Potatoes

You don’t know jack about building a stuffed spud until you visit this newcomer in Westwood to check out the “Classic” and its kin.

Bon Nut Butters & Sweets

By putting healthy spins on mass-market products, Jennifer Nikitczuk is cooking up competition to Nutella and its kin. Only this artisan maker is a one-mom band decidedly devoted to her very local audience.

Bamboo House

The shape’s familiar. So is the stately presentation on a pretty platter. But what’s inside the Black Rice Roll at this Japanese-Thai BYOB in Frenchtown diverges from the norm.

Sweet Amalia’s Oysters

Even in their lean season, these hand-harvested slurpers are the queens of our waters.

Spring Run Dairy

The milks from the creamery at this farm in Pittstown certainly can do justice as accompaniments to the best cookies and cakes, to cereals and coffees, to sauces and puddings. But more importantly they stand on their own as a beverage to savor.

Bao Dumplings & Bao Tea

Made-in-house noodles with tomato and egg aren’t the headliner at this just-opened storefront a few steps from the DMV in Hazlet. But they mesmerize.

Owowcow Creamery

Ice cream: It’s edible air-conditioning. Loved, and necessary, right now.

Springhouse Creamery Curds

Little Miss Muffet would not have let a mere spider frighten her away from her meal if its curds had been courtesy of this dairy in Sussex County.

Gandom Bakery

If you’ve not yet experienced the iconic breads of Iran, high-tail it to a storefront in Paterson’s Middle Eastern district and dive in to the world of sangak, barbari and taftoon.


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