Restaurant Revue: Swadist

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Food Find

Cookie Butter Sundae

At Jersey Cow Ice Cream in Northfield, there are welcoming hand-warmers, shots of hot espresso to be poured over homemade hard ice cream and, best of all, a limited-edition sundae built on waffles made on the spot.

Paratha, Cooked to Order

At the Holland Delta Mart, sitting astride its companion gas pumps in the far west of Hunterdon County, South Asian flatbreads are flipped off a hot griddle into the custody of fortunate passers-by. As well as those who know enough to make a special trip.

This Soup is ON!

The new winner and the uncontested champ in a category we care supremely about is … the Garden State Tomato Soup.

Mannino’s Cannoli

A purveyor in Hammonton of a super-sized sweet from Sicily pledges its troth to local and seasonal ingredients and, in the process, wins over traditionalists.

Gazpacho, at The Bridge Café

Authentic? Maybe not. But delightfully refreshing and well-suited to the season? Absolutely.

The Kim Wrap

At Wildflower Vegan Café in Millville, a proprietary sandwich hits on a rainbow of taste notes. It’s off-menu, and worth a query. Heck, it’s worth begging.

The New Jersey Cookie

Baker extraordinaire Valerie Mangan is known for her iced cookies. One in particular captures New Jersey’s heart.

Grandma Emma’s Cobblers

Eric Dawson channels the love and skills of his beloved grandmother to find the inspiration he needs to make vegan versions of her signature baked good.

River Lea House Kimchee

Start with a tub of made-on-a-farm, small-batch fermented/pickled vegetables, then customize your very own bowl of nutritious deliciousness.

Dehydrated Mustard Greens

When dried, this leafy powerhouse can be used much like a dried herb – with purposeful abandon, in all manner of savory fare.

Hazelnut-Chocolate Doughnut

At Rabble Rise in Montclair, there’s a doughnut that stands above the others in an increasingly crowded field.

Potato Chips-’n’-Lime

At Taqueria 2 Potrillos in Bridgeton, you can learn from a baggie of warm chips how to serve a snack that sparkles for a crowd – such as the one that might be gathering in front of your TV this Sunday to watch the year’s most talked-about sporting event.


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