FORTNIGHTLY 5: Why/When It's 3 Not 5

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Sunday Kitchen

French Sorrel’s Sunny Disposition

As soon as the lovely spring herb rears its pretty head, snip and clip and let those lemon-tart-sour leaves play in all sorts of dishes. Especially simple white beans.

Burnt Leek-White Bean Dip

At first glance, leeks are sandy and coarse members of the allium family. In American cooking, they’re easy to avoid. When given a little extra time to roast in their own husks, leeks can be incredibly sweet, smooth and evocative of early spring flavor. 

Spinach & Soy Eggs

Treat the loveliest of from-the-farm spinach leaves as you would the choicest of embellished Easter bonnets and anoint the verdant petals with hard-cooked eggs soaked in a jazzed-up soy marinade.

Lively Chives

Early to sprout and easy to incorporate into first-of-spring dishes, the wispy allium can star in a hearty salad that can go entrée or holiday side dish.

A Baguette and a Jar of Pickles

Sometimes the most important things in life – essentials for a proper picnic, for instance – come to you without asking, These are the gifts you will cherish the most.

Grilled Radicchio Salad

Welcome the season on the horizon with a salad that uses the grill and accents anxious for action. Kiera’s how-to brings it all home.

Oat Bowl

After you’ve baked your breads, cookies and muffins, made your granola and smoothies and crumbles, grab your bag of River Valley Community Grains rolled oats and realize it’s also what’s for dinner.

Tortilla de Patatas Plus

Chipping away at a world-famous recipe offers enlightenment and lighthearted fun.

Winter Workhorse: Cabbage

A stew of the red version of the cruciferous vegetable with red onions and red lentils brings its own dose of sunshine to a last-leg-of-winter day.

Tuna-stuffed Eggs

This Super Bowl munchie is game-day ready, thanks to a couple of power players you likely have stashed in your kitchen.

Can Cauliflower Be Cathartic?

If you use Barkha Cardoz’s masalas and let her culinary wisdom seep into your consciousness, yes – eating cauliflower can be a seriously transformative experience.

The Anti-Deprivation Bowl

What to eat when everyone else is not eating some major food grouping in the name of reversing holiday-dining damage? A big bowl of nutritious comforts customized to what’s on hand and what’s striking the mood.


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