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Sunday Kitchen

The Great Dips-for-Dumplings Experiment

Kimchi dumplings found at Woori Mart in West Windsor inspire a competition fit for supper – or one very easy-to-execute party.

Cool Blues

The twosome that got away for way, way too long: Let’s play a love song for the blueberry and the cucumber.

What Aleks Cooked Up

If pork roll on an everything bagel is your breakfast of choice, has 3BR Distillery in Keyport got a spirited beverage for you.

Peanut Sauce in a Jar

Use the dregs of a jar of peanut butter to make one of the most versatile sauces in the cooking world. It’ll be done in the time it takes to double-play “Twist and Shout” and give new meaning to “shake it up, baby.”

Pickled Strawberries

Why not make the very most of this now-in-season berry by doing something a little different with it that makes it deliciously charismatic in a different way?

Rainbow Chard

Pretty in its vibrant colors, this green partners with salty cheddar curds in a quiche that suits meals of many sorts.

New Friend for Frisee

The workhorse chicory so popular in Europe is in high season right now in the Garden State. Do with it what classic recipes dictate, but then give it an Asian twist and find new delight.

Mustards, the Forever Green

Think you don’t like this yin-yang of a green? Well, maybe you just haven’t tried mustards in a way that makes them downright lovable.

Jasper’s Whispers

All hail a Jersey guy who took a love for food born and bred here and transplanted it to another place, but kept his respect for inherent terroir intact.

Spiced Dried Squid

Don’t know much about the slices of cephalopods that are dried and served as snacks in Asia? Grab and go with a brew, and be delighted. Be just as delighted to make a sauce for them and turn nibble into dinner.

Peas Please in Pesto

Morphing spring’s first peas into pesto shows just how creamy this common vegetable can become after a whirl in a food processor with the right companions. Though its parts may be humble, the result is anything but.

A Fabulous Four

Benchmark’s country loaf, Chickadee Creek’s arugula rabe, Valley Shepherd’s smoky butter and a tin of anchovies (of all things): Can this be supper? Yes. And many other meals coming your way.


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