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Sunday Kitchen

50 Ways to Use Your Hummus

Love the creamy, nutty, downright delicious stuff? You’re in good company. But you can do lots more with our beloved chickpea spread than you think.

Artisan Food Artistry

The Garden State’s culinary craftsmen and women are known for taking foods from our farms and spinning them into the something-extras that elevate our everyday meals. Are they convenience products? Yes. Of a very high level.

Hail the Hearty Salad!

Don’t talk of diets, please. We’ve got enough to contend with, after all. But do talk of wintertime tosses of greens that deliver big punches of flavor and an abundance of nutrients.

Benchmark + Friends

Travis Coatney’s breads are winning popularity contests statewide. Though bread sales are on a pause right now, as the Sultan of Sourdough revs up for his new baking kitchen in Little Silver, dream with us about our favorite Jersey-proud companions for the breads that set the standard for the genre.

Dip, Anyone?

A true peasant wife spread, inspired by one eaten in Tunisia many years ago, finds its way to the table today. Nutritious and delicious, thanks to carrots, almonds, chickpeas, chipotle and crushed red peppers doing a dance, it’s one to remember when resolution time rolls around.

Count on Beans

Wonderful flying solo and wonderful in partnerships, legumes in their dried form are a year-round staple. Pizza Beans? Greens-’n’-Beans? Let them be just the start of a new season of bean cookery.

Winter Farmers’ Markets

Good cooking and good eating are predicated on good shopping. Fact. Don’t expect miracles in the kitchen if your ingredients are lousy. Your best bet? Buy directly from the Garden State’s best sources.

Latkes: Top Toppings

There’s a wide world of foods we routinely partner with potatoes. Why restrict serving seasonal spud ’cakes with applesauce and sour cream when there are options galore?

Relishing Cranberries

A little late this year, but nonetheless inspiring, one of our Garden State’s top crops is here just in time to make a quick, fresh, seasonal condiment.

Green Beans: A Bundle of Possibilities

If the glop-and-crunch classic isn’t on your hit parade, consider the alternatives for the legume that lost its string somewhere along the line, but doesn’t have to lose its verdant, fresh taste.

The Soul of Sweet Potatoes

These spuds don’t need more sweetness to strut their stuff. In fact, a counterpoint of sour, tart or heat brings a delightful yin-yang spirit to the Thanksgiving staple.

Shredding Sprouts

Take a sharp knife to your Brussels, then sauté with accents to make a sauce fit for pasta and noodles, rice and potatoes or to serve alongside meats or fishes. Or, keep this easy-does-it dish in mind as a Thanksgiving side.


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