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Sunday Kitchen

Latkes: Top Toppings

There’s a wide world of foods we routinely partner with potatoes. Why restrict serving seasonal spud ’cakes with applesauce and sour cream when there are options galore?

Relishing Cranberries

A little late this year, but nonetheless inspiring, one of our Garden State’s top crops is here just in time to make a quick, fresh, seasonal condiment.

Green Beans: A Bundle of Possibilities

If the glop-and-crunch classic isn’t on your hit parade, consider the alternatives for the legume that lost its string somewhere along the line, but doesn’t have to lose its verdant, fresh taste.

The Soul of Sweet Potatoes

These spuds don’t need more sweetness to strut their stuff. In fact, a counterpoint of sour, tart or heat brings a delightful yin-yang spirit to the Thanksgiving staple.

Shredding Sprouts

Take a sharp knife to your Brussels, then sauté with accents to make a sauce fit for pasta and noodles, rice and potatoes or to serve alongside meats or fishes. Or, keep this easy-does-it dish in mind as a Thanksgiving side.

Ahead of the Carve

Home-baked pumpkin cookies set off a wave of inspiration - and heartfelt admiration for a young pastry chef.

Delicata, the Easy Squash

No peel, no fuss, no degree of difficulty whatsoever. This one’s for beginners – and lovers of pumpkin pie.

The Last Tomatoes

What to do with those end-of-season love apples? Give them love, a little sorcery and a pinch of your time. In other words, send the vintage off in style.

Pears, Perfect for Pairing

They may not be fall’s glory fruit, but they’ve got what it takes to run the table in your kitchen.

Wildspawn Mushrooms: Chanterelles

There’s gold in them thar forests!

Behold the Pork Tomahawk Chop

River Bend Farm in Far Hills is rightly revered for its meats. Taste this majestic chop and join the farm’s growing fan club.

It’s Easy Using Greens

Fall heralds another season of favorite greens. Use them to make a spread and dip you’ll be proud to set out as you gather ’round the TV for football-watching.


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