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Sunday Kitchen

Basturma: Unforgettable

Finding in Paterson the cured beef with roots in the Eastern Mediterranean brings to mind a mentor who taught generations and put into the spotlight neglected ingredients now fundamental to our cookery.

Beans, the Non-Project Project

Here’s the deal: Dry beans are easy; it’s thinking about them that can be hard. You soak, you boil, you simmer – and then you have them at hand to make into glorious meals all week long.

Market as Muse

Summit Farmers’ Market is open for the season – and offering endless inspiration for cooks.

Of Bowls and Rice

The best of foods deserves the best of vessels. Rice from Blue Moon Acres meets its perfect match.

Reveling in Ramps

Ready, set – dig into the super-short season of ramps, the beguiling allium that charms with unique pungency and unexpected versatility.

Nanna’s Cabbage and Noodles

It’s the right time for a dish passed down through the generations. Especially if that dish is the equivalent of “a warm hug from beyond.”

Peak Cheese

You know the differences among cow, goat and sheep milks, right? You know proper serving temperatures, yes? You know not to ever wrap a cheese in plastic, perhaps? But do you know when a particular cheese, like a wine, is “tasting really good right now”?

The Convenience of Eating Local

You can stop by your local convenience store to pick up packaged bites, soups and sandwiches or you can follow the micro-seasons of Garden State foods and savor the convenience of locavore eating.

One Potato, 2,000 Ideas

Does our collective love of the common spud stem from its versatility in the kitchen, its never-less-than comforting taste, its ability to play so well with other ingredients or the fact that it always seems to be there when we need it most? Dig in, and decide.

24 Carrot Ideas

Brightly colored, nutritious, able to star in everything from soup to cakes, this root vegetable adds sunshine to the days of late winter.

Morris Winter Farmers’ Market

Hardy farmers and food artisans know the Garden State’s cold months inspire cooks and fuel appetites. When they gather at outdoor markets with the finest and freshest fare, their fans follow.

Ode to the Onion

It’s always there for us, this bulb that lays the foundation for so much we do in the kitchen. Humble, essential and versatile, it’s the indispensable friend we turn to when we need a helping hand.


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