Restaurant Revue: Swadist

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Peaches and Dreams

A heaping helping of heritage went into a just-released brandy that showcases a fruit from a centuries-old farm and the craft of a determined distiller. It’s just the start of what Melick’s Town Farm and 3 BR Distillery can do together.

Jersey Crude

It's much more than mere sweet talk: A USDA-funded project emanating out of Stockton University seeks to document the economic and environmental sustainability of maple-sugaring in the South Jersey environs. Not at all coincidentally, a community is forming.

Raw Material

Got milk on the market in the Garden State? Then it’s pasteurized; can’t buy it straight. Why? Kelly-Jane Cotter explores many sides of an issue that has spawned a hodgepodge of laws nationwide and a percolating movement to change them here.

The Salad We Need

Garden State farmers and chefs, this one’s for you. And lovers of mesclun? Hop on board and join the charge for a mix of greens we can make our own.

The Cider House That Rules

Melick’s is the king of apples in the Garden State. So it follows that when the family whose farm dates back to 1728 decided to make hard cider, they’d bring home not one but two “Double Gold” medals from a prestigious competition.

Hive Dive

Dig for liquid gold in a bee colony with an authority who plays pied piper and guides you along the Garden State’s foodstream.

Why Tech?

More high-quality wine grapes must be grown in the Garden State to satisfy the demands of a burgeoning industry. Will new technologies in planting help?

Where the Wild Brews Are

Get the scoop from our beer columnist on where the rumpus is starting and who is starting it. Hint: In Sussex County, driven by a former journalist with a nose for local ingredients.

Making It Easier to Be Green

Holding fast to its mission to bring fresh, organic produce to an ever-wider audience, a Morristown non-profit has powered its way into providing the community with more food, more education and more access during the pandemic.

Blooms & Blisters

Flour, water, salt: It’s those very basic ingredients that come together to surprise, and excite, bread baker Travis Coatney. Now, the sultan of sourdough is taking his loaves public.

The real oat deal

Scott and Alison Morgan, of Morganics Family Farm in Hillsborough, grow oats that make a staple sensational.

Oysters On Ice

The oysters are here. So are the people who want to harvest and farm them, sell, buy and slurp them. What’s holding back an industry that could be flourishing even in these challenging times? Bureaucracy.


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