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Sunday Kitchen

Kale-Daikon Slaw

This hearty side show is the perfect foil for pulled pork or any kind of barbecue – and it eases into a solo act with the addition of an accent or three.

Comeback Farm Preserves

Nothing like applesauce from the best organic heirloom apples. Which will lead you to butters of Asian pear, peach and pumpkin. Eat as is, all by yourself. Or share.

Hearty Salad Greens

Raise a glass to toast the sheer freshness of just-harvested Garden State salad stuffs. Yes, we mean picked now.

Eggs-tra! Eggs-tra!

Start with eggs. You’ve got to start with eggs. But for this dish, go for the best eggs. Like the ones from Grow It Green Morristown, which is all about sustainability, stewardship, education and accessibility to fresh local food.

Sun in a Jar (Part Two)

As promised, how to use preserved lemons. Which could be a book, not a mere second act. Today: A dozen simple put-togethers and a recipe for a lemon-licked meatball stew.

Sun in a Jar (Part One)

Once you make preserved lemons, you’ll never again buy them and you’ll always want to have them on hand. They just might be the most useful easy-to-make ingredient on the planet. Today: how to make preserved lemons. Next Sunday: how to use them.

‘What’s the Worst That Can Happen?’

Heather Sheehan is an ER nurse who works 12-hour shifts and has been on the frontlines of seeing a “frightening unknown” turn into a political hot potato. What does she do for stress relief? Cook. Dinner. With family.

Sunset Stew

Bright orange sweet potatoes, deep purple carrots that give way to a sunny interior, slivers of magenta onions and hunks of smoky blue-green kale: The colors of a sunset on a cold, cold winter’s night – and a warming stew.

Gold in Them Thar Fields

One of the many lessons learned on a legendary Garden State farm is that there’s magic in sun-colored beets. When you add sun to the sun, you get more magic.

Rooted in the Season

Strange bedfellows? Ha! If you think parsnips, turnips, rutabagas and their kin have nothing to say to mandarins, Cara Caras, clementines and their mates, you’re missing out on some energizing winter eating.

Lunar New Year

Plot, plan, organize feasts fit to toast the holiday. But be open to whatever might beckon when you shop your local Asian market.

Magnificent in Magenta

Radicchio is the valentine of vegetables, a leafy chicory of ravishing beauty. Saute the leaves of a winter-grown head and you’ll be sending a message of love to those you serve.


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