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Sunday Kitchen

Cantaloupe-Cucumber Salad

If there’s any toss on the planet that refreshes like this oh-so-quick ensemble of two delightfully water-logged July favorites, bring ’em on. We’d love to eat them at this time of year, too.

Broccoli, with a Smear of Pine Nut Cream

A little something extra might not be necessary. But if nuance can elevate, why not give it a whirl?

Zucchini Parm Shortcakes

Give the green squash some lovin’ by folding it into a biscuit-like batter and then layering it much as you would the classic showcase for strawberries. No whipped cream, but lots of melty cheese.


From our own Deep South of the Garden State comes a winsome twosome that inspires a no-cook dish ready to fit the bill when 1) time is tight, 2) the heat’s on, or 3) you’ve a hankering for smoke-and-sweet.

Fava Greens

You’re reading that right – greens, not beans. Sauteed, the leaves of the same plant that produces the proud bean can make a terrific topping for crostini.

A Cheese That Doesn’t Stand Alone

Ingredient inspiration goes nutty, creamy, sour, bitter, peppery – and maybe more, in a dish starring escarole, lemon and a new Garden State Pecorino Romano from Valley Shepherd Creamery in Long Valley.

A Samaha Salad

Garden State romaine is the foundation of a produce-packed toss you can keep simple or ramp up as desired.

Cacio e Pepe

Splendid as is or given the zing of something extra, this pasta-of-the-moment is ready to partner with the salads of spring.


Ripe strawberries need no help; grab and eat. If by some unfortunate circumstance you find yourself with less-than-ripe berries, there is a mix and a method that can help.

Same, Just Different

Familiar ingredients can take on new accents, new forms and new uses. Spice things up in order to change things up.

Spiced Trout Dip

While it’s in season, catch the opportunity to make a party dip that stars a fish at peak in our local waters.

Ramps, Vintage of 2023

It’s been an uneven season for the onion family perennial that is the darling of spring for chefs and serious home cooks. So celebrate what you can find and only – only! – buy ramps from farmers and foragers who engage in proper, sustainable harvesting practices.


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