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Sunday Kitchen

Chill Warm Shrimp

Bringing a lighter touch to suppers on these darker days doesn’t have to mean cutting back on anything – not flavor, not substance, not the spark of sunshine that citrus imbues.

Caviar, Casually

Fancy is fine, but does the fish roe that’s been called the Rolls-Royce of ingredients really need blini and puffy poufs?

Vegging Out Right Now

A year-round farmer asks a fundamental question – and then answers it with a wealth of ideas for wintertime cooking.

Baked Rice Bowl

A challenger to baked mac-and-cheese offers just as many customizing possibilities. It might even be easier and quicker to make.

Cran-Coco-Lime Cookies

Holiday cheer comes in a sweet package with accents of tart and hot, salty and sour. It’s the Cookie Supper you’re allowed to sneak in at least once this season.

Beans + Quinoa = Beanoa

Pronounced bean-whaa, but no matter how you mangle it, this powerhouse partnership is prime nutritional fuel. That you can deck the combo with a world of custom accents is even more reason to add it to your repertoire

Vegetable Pot Pie

It’s fit for a Thanksgiving potluck, adaptable to a variety of vegetables, right as a main course for guests who prefer plant-based foods and also suitable as a side for meat-eaters. It’s a heavenly savory pie.

To Spice, with Love (Part Two)

All-pro masalas and a novella-like cookery book are all you need to bring the magic of Barkha Cardoz’s flavors to your home kitchen.

Brussels Parm

An easy-all-around supper gets an update that turns it into a suitable and more universally likable side dish for the Big Bird on the horizon.

Jimmy Nardello Peppers

What do you do if you’re lucky enough to score a bunch of these Italian heirlooms late in the season? Very, very little. At first. Then, let your imagination play on.

Kimchi as Plus-One

A jar of kimchi in your fridge can be your BFF when you’re looking for a one-two punch to get dinner done in a jiff.

Getting Better with Butternut

The sergeant major of the winter squash brigade gets a little help from some friends in a warm salad fit for the season – and the holidays to come. Kiera Mitru guides from market to making the most of a stalwart.


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