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Sunday Kitchen

Tilefish’s Sunny Disposition

Is there anything better, fresher and more prized than fish direct from a fisherman or fisherwoman? Maybe fish direct from a seasoned pro. Speaking of seasoning, this resolutely pure so-called “clown of the sea” sure takes to lemon once in kitchen captivity.

Risotto Elote

In the mood for marrying Mexican and Italian? Well, then, this is the right in-season supper for you.

Brine Times

It's too easy not to do! Brine, brine, brine those high-season favorites and extend their life without the complexities of canning.

The Downeast BLT

Bacon. Lobster. Tomato. Invitations sent out to as many dozens as you’d like to feed. It’s party time in the summer.

The Savory Side of Peaches

Crumbles, pies and parfaits are fine. So is eating a ripe, juicy peach out of hand. But New Jersey’s favorite summertime stone fruit has potential beyond obvious sweet treats.

Ceviche and Friends

It’s an independent lass, this citrus juice-“cooked” fish dish, happy on its own. But it’s also cheerful in the company of add-ins as well as amenable to big bowls of table mates.

Chilled Corn Soup

Celebrate the peak season of a Garden State favorite by giving it a cooling-off period. Ella explains how.

Cantaloupe-Cucumber Salad

If there’s any toss on the planet that refreshes like this oh-so-quick ensemble of two delightfully water-logged July favorites, bring ’em on. We’d love to eat them at this time of year, too.

Broccoli, with a Smear of Pine Nut Cream

A little something extra might not be necessary. But if nuance can elevate, why not give it a whirl?

Zucchini Parm Shortcakes

Give the green squash some lovin’ by folding it into a biscuit-like batter and then layering it much as you would the classic showcase for strawberries. No whipped cream, but lots of melty cheese.


From our own Deep South of the Garden State comes a winsome twosome that inspires a no-cook dish ready to fit the bill when 1) time is tight, 2) the heat’s on, or 3) you’ve a hankering for smoke-and-sweet.

Fava Greens

You’re reading that right – greens, not beans. Sauteed, the leaves of the same plant that produces the proud bean can make a terrific topping for crostini.


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