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Sunday Kitchen

Assembly Required

Yes, assembly is required. But that’s all there is – no cooking! – to preparing a kinda fancy duck-centered salad that’s put together with ingredients scored during a quick trip to an Asian market.

Sausage Király

Hungarian sausage-maker Jozsef Hirs crafts noble versions of the classics right here in the Garden State. Catch him when and where you can at farmers’ markets, festivals and by ordering online.

Color Your World

Pluck a veritable bouquet of spring rabe, a green that often rings in spring. Work it hard – it can take it – and let it brighten these weeks when the earth transforms from brown to blooming. First up in ’23: Rabe and Ramps Risotto.

Plenteous Parsley

In a quick blitz, it’s a dip, a spread, a sauce you can use to brighten these waning days of the leanest season. Consider the generous herb the green that gives birth to spring.

Honey-Orange Cookies

“Pantry Season” inspires Ella to create a cookie that’s special enough for a celebration and yet mindful of her desire not to waste ingredients already on hand.

A Salad Supreme

What could make a luxurious lobster salad even more luxurious? Stuffing it into avocados and serving it accompanied by oranges ratcheted up with a caring touch – that’s what.

High on Home-Grown Hogs

What makes this chunky pulled pork fly high? A flavor that only can come from being raised in all the right ways.

Double Chocolate Pleasure

Ever-intrepid Ella finds inspiration from a trio of her farmers’ market favorites and bakes a simplified chocolate-on-chocolate Bundt cake that leaves her with energy aplenty to decorate – and savor at the table.

Regional Accents

Let the maple-sugaring now happening in the Garden State inspire a stew that hits on all taste buds in the most expressive ways.

The Market Picks Are In

When it’s crunch time, go to your favorite winter market to stock up for all you’ll need, be it for the big game, weeknight quick-eats or a one-two punch of put-together ingredients. Let Ella’s market edits for the Morris Winter Market be your handy guide.

The Case of the Annual Bowl Food

Sometimes, if you don’t think too hard, plan too much and worry it all to death, you come to a most satisfying conclusion – be it readable or edible.

Market Meals, from Ramsey

One of the Garden State’s busiest winter farmers’ markets offers Ella inspiration for both quick put-together suppers and easy-cooking dinners.


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