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Smart Shop

Bonanza of Bounty

The farmers and food artisans are ready – and so should you be, too: It’s high spring season at some of the biggest and busiest buy-direct markets in the Garden State. We check out three and find both longtime favorites and new loves.

Ringing Endorsements

Finding that just-right ingredient can spark inspiration to create something quite different than the usual dishes for a day that's become a significant eating holiday.

Winter Farmers’ Markets, Class of ’24

There is no better, wiser resolution you can make than to shop the Garden State’s winter farmers’ markets, even if it means taking a bit of a trip to stock up on what our farmers and artisans are growing and producing. It’s toasting all-around good health – and the best eating.

Get Prepared

Do the shop-to-serve shuffle and forget the chopping and sauteing. If you hit the ethnic uber-markets’ prepared foods sections, you can host a party without clutching a knife.

The Greater Bridgeton Amish Market

They’re making whoopie pies and lots more at this gathering place in Cumberland County that’s true to its name and faithful to the concept of offering quality comfort foods to the community.

Winter Farmers’ Markets, Class of ’23

The secret to the best in wintertime eating? It’s no secret: Shop at the Garden State’s winter farmers’ markets. It’s where both the pros and the expert home cooks go for stock-ups and inspiration.

Ditas Market

A new market in Metuchen that specializes in Indonesian prepared foods and pantry staples offers options for takeout that might ease your cooking burden and ignite your interest in the cuisines of the archipelago native to the family behind its stoves and stocking its shelves.

To Poland, with Kocham

Embrace this season of hearty foods and cooking with heart at the markets in Linden stocked with ingredients meant for babcia everywhere.

West Windsor Farmers’ Market

A broad-scope market with much to choose from, this Mercer County stalwart is where those with a keen eye and adventurous palate do their food-buying. Ella weighs in with her vendor favorites.

Highland Park Farmers’ Market

As diverse as its vibrant community, the weekly marketplace in this Middlesex County hub hums with families, students and those who shop with the seasons.

Ventnor City Farmers’ Market

At this big, bustling and maybe a bit bawdy stock-up bazaar on the South Shore, food stalls compete with NFIs for buyers’ attention. It’s well worth any effort to zero in on the farmers and food artisans who offer top-quality edibles.

Blairstown Farmers’ Market

Here ye, here ye! Open for the season is a market in northwestern New Jersey where food-shopping for the week is a breeze.


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