SUNDAY KITCHEN: The Great Dips-for-Dumplings Experiment

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New Friend for Frisee

The workhorse chicory so popular in Europe is in high season right now in the Garden State. Do with it what classic recipes dictate, but then give it an Asian twist and find new delight.

Restaurant Revue MONTCLAIR


Take a meal off from hyped trends and settle into a lesser-known destination that, with great care and calm, feeds body, mind and soul. It’s exemplary Ethiopian, with lessons in cooking and eating that endure.

Poke Burritos

Score one for the home team, a couple who devised a local joint that aims to please and serves an amalgamation of standards – some fused, some refreshed, some left to their as-born devices.

Leading with Lemon

Masterful applications of the citrus take charge in a trio of top eats, while the other two picks for this go-round can spice up snack fare.

Mustards, the Forever Green

Think you don’t like this yin-yang of a green? Well, maybe you just haven’t tried mustards in a way that makes them downright lovable.

Ken Mansfield, Strada

The newest addition to TPW’s chef-picks-chef society of top toques is tending to Italian classics in Atlantic Highlands, where he dials in on the details of making fresh pasta and pizzas from his sourdough starter. What causes his selector, David Viana, to return again and again? Consistency of craft.

Restaurant Revue HOPEWELL


When the irresistible scent of burgers grilling nearby throws you off your planned dinner game, consider caving into your craving with a patty housed in a different breadstuff.

Restaurant Revue MAPLEWOOD


Soul food fast-casual style comes with tell-tale hints of long, slow-cooking or deft frying in well-turned-out classics that invite lingering.

Jasper’s Whispers

All hail a Jersey guy who took a love for food born and bred here and transplanted it to another place, but kept his respect for inherent terroir intact.

Restaurant Revue JERSEY CITY

Angry Archie’s

Street food favorites in the seafood genre anchor the menu of this brick-and-mortar incarnation of a popular food truck, including some that toe the line with skill. But technical lapses in a couple of should-be stalwarts show the kitchen crew needs to run a tighter ship.

Restaurant Revue BRIDGETON

Tio Santos

Basics thrive under the watchful eyes and experienced hands of the couple who tend this mom-and-pop Mexican. They are the angels of details, the guardians of traditions to be cherished.

The Freshest Takes

There’s nothing unfamiliar about our five favorites, but all take a spin on the usual to make for superior eating. Far superior.


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