SUNDAY KITCHEN: The Great Dips-for-Dumplings Experiment

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La Tabatiere

The relaxed friendliness of this bakery in Closter belies the behind-the-scenes precision and concentration needed to produce pastries such as a stellar canelé, exquisite vanilla diamant cookies and a milk cake of mystery.

The Hill

Classics with well-executed spins are where this upscale and relaxed roadhouse shines. Fixes of flaws would be worth the time as would making connections with a borough farm that could and should inspire even more invention.

The Anti-Deprivation Bowl

What to eat when everyone else is not eating some major food grouping in the name of reversing holiday-dining damage? A big bowl of nutritious comforts customized to what’s on hand and what’s striking the mood.

Luis Blasini-Sinchi, 7 Doors Down Ramen Co.

His life and cross-cultural experiences are expressed on the plates the newest member of TPW’s chef-picks-chef society of top toques serves forth at his destination restaurant in Bloomfield. It’s a Luis Blasini-Sinchi moment and it’s destined to endure.

Restaurant Revue EATONTOWN


What’s it called when a pre-proportioned feast of many parts is presented as a kind of culinary harmonic convergence? Thali time. At this suburban hub for Indian classics, you’ll also want a prelude of poori.

Restaurant Revue Elizabeth

Arepa Pizza & Market

Focus on the cachapas, the arepas and the empanadas and let yourself be taken in by a monster sandwich called The Pepito. Then it’ll be obvious to you why the name of this corner storefront must be changed.

Cold-weather Comforts: 1-22-24

Sweet potatoes, peaches, The Pepito, plump shrimp wontons and puffy beans and cod are the stars of the eating shows of the two weeks just past. Review here, then plan to consume.

The Layered Look

We dress in layers at this time of year and there’s wisdom, not to mention waves of flavors, in cooking that way, too. A dish of cacio e pepe beans, pesto and roasted onions offers a blueprint for stylish simplicity.

Restaurant Revue Palisades Park

Tang Maru

Korean comforts stir the senses at a welcoming stalwart where groups both novice and well-schooled convene. Let Kiera be your guide to a range of its must-try specialties.

Restaurant Revue LAMBERTVILLE

Taverna 54

There’s a really big show going on at this restaurant and bar imbedded in a residential neighborhood in Hunterdon County’s largest river town. But its best dishes are less about spectacle and more about sincere expressions of ingredients.

Salted Cod in Brandade

When the fish that changed the world is reconstituted, whipped with potato and jazzed with roasted garlic, its comforts know no bounds. When the resulting spread is stuffed into roasted mini peppers, its fans span from single-digit to senior in age.

Restaurant Revue Lawrence Township

Lady and the Shallot

Inside the Trenton Farmers’ Market is a breakfast-lunch spot where healthy gets a heaping helping of fun and the Mary Poppins duo in charge don’t need a spoonful of sugar to make it happen.


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