SUNDAY KITCHEN: The Great Dips-for-Dumplings Experiment

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Warm up to some new takes on authentic Japanese cookery at a storefront specialist whose owner Leo Chen isn’t shy about bucking established norms.

Personal Passions

Chefs at restaurants that touch bases around the world might be anchored in the Garden State, but they stay true to their roots with dishes both poignant and powerful.

Winter Workhorse: Cabbage

A stew of the red version of the cruciferous vegetable with red onions and red lentils brings its own dose of sunshine to a last-leg-of-winter day.

Restaurant Revue Basking Ridge

Hills of Herat

A warm and welcoming restaurant in Somerset County is a true gateway to Afghan culture, celebrating ingredients fundamental to its rich culinary traditions through a host of classics.


Moaaz Mediterranean Grill

Can the fast-casual concept leave a cuisine that has flourished for ages in veritable ruins? Or is it more about sloppy prep and careless counter work that is causing an eatery in Rahway to do a disservice to its marquee foods?

Restaurant Revue Maplewood


Home-style cooking is an art form at this storefront restaurant that pays respect to Haitian culinary traditions and allegiance to its signature dishes. Dine here on island time all the time.

Tuna-stuffed Eggs

This Super Bowl munchie is game-day ready, thanks to a couple of power players you likely have stashed in your kitchen.

Restaurant Revue STATEWIDE

Toasting Lunar New Year

By all means, go to a personal favorite spot and have all your personal favorite dishes. Then consider, as well, one of the Garden State’s destinations and keep ringing in the Year of the Dragon.

Restaurant Revue Hillsborough

Café Basilico

A new concept from an experienced chef who has proven he can cook at a high level falls flat largely because of poor sourcing and careless execution. It’s a disappointment for fans and it calls for immediate remedy.

Can Cauliflower Be Cathartic?

If you use Barkha Cardoz’s masalas and let her culinary wisdom seep into your consciousness, yes – eating cauliflower can be a seriously transformative experience.

Known Quantities Revisited: 2-5-24

It might be a classic given a fresh look or perhaps simply the ultimate in respect. Either way, the favorite eats of the past two weeks more than pass the endurance test.

Restaurant Revue Bordentown

Under the Moon

A community-building hub with food that’s often Latin-leaning, this downtown café has vintage vibes and a spirit of inclusiveness. Come as who you are and eat what makes your tummy purr.


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