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Gill St. Bernard’s School: The Taste-and-Talk Project



Two dozen students in the Upper School of Gill St. Bernard’s School, Gladstone, spent the days of their annual year-end unit exploring new foods, learning the art and science of tasting, and talking about how to accurately convey their experiences. In this four-part series in The Peasant Wife, the student food critics speak out about flavor as well as what foods they tasted and favored during their wide-ranging week of eating.


Today: Café Sapori is an Italian restaurant in Gladstone, a mile from the Gill campus. It opened in 2017 and serves the surrounding community. For their assignment, the students were instructed to choose a starter and entrée, plus dessert, and to evaluate the food, setting and service. Read on for a panoply of opinions, starting with an overall scene-setter and continuing with detailed descriptions of a range of dishes. Café Sapori is located at 12 Lackawanna Ave. in Gladstone. Phone: 908-375-8730. Email: Website: – Andy Clurfeld

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This is the third of a four-part series, which will continue June 11 on The Peasant Wife founder/editor Andy Clurfeld served on the teaching team of the Gill St. Bernard’s School food criticism unit.


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