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Gill St. Bernard’s School: The Taste-and-Talk Project



Two dozen students in the Upper School of Gill St. Bernard’s School spent the days of their annual year-end unit exploring new foods, learning the art and science of tasting, and talking about how to accurately convey their experiences. In this four-part series in The Peasant Wife, the student food critics speak out about flavor as well as what foods they tasted and favored during their wide-ranging week of eating.


First up: Sweet Caroline’s Bakeshop, an online bakery that’s the domain of acclaimed pastry chef Carey Bell. Based in Pittstown, a community located in the agricultural heart of Hunterdon County, Bell mines area farms for produce, eggs and dairy, and buys many of her grains from River Valley Community Grains, Long Valley. Details:

– Andy Clurfeld

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This is the first of a four-part series, which will continue June 9, 10 and 11 on The Peasant Wife founder/editor Andy Clurfeld served on the teaching team of the Gill St. Bernard’s School food criticism unit.


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