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Mugolio: ‘Made with a Piece of the Pines’

A magical combination of earthy and sweet, the pinecone syrup that has pro chefs bewitched is never better than when made from a harvest in our Pine Barrens. Lauren Vitagliano forages, macerates, waits – and then celebrates with a pasta dish that makes any day a holiday.

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Lauren Vitagliano lives in Sweetwater, where the terroir she admires and respects provides endless fodder for homesteading. She holds a master’s degree in aeronautical science, a field completely unrelated to homesteading, and works for the Federal Aviation Administration in airport safety research and development. When she was 25, a friend told her she was the grandmother she’d never had. Stay tuned for more tales from the Pine Barrens Post at TPW and, in the meantime, visit



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