FORTNIGHTLY 5: Some Things Old, Some Things New

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Some Things Old, Some Things New

New restaurants, new dishes, old eateries with dishes old and new: The favorites of the past two weeks come from sources expected – and surprising.

Peanut Sauce in a Jar

Use the dregs of a jar of peanut butter to make one of the most versatile sauces in the cooking world. It’ll be done in the time it takes to double-play “Twist and Shout” and give new meaning to “shake it up, baby.”

Filling the Boat

At Cape May County’s Scallop Shack Farms, expansion is the direct result of extraordinary products and a desire to serve the seafood-buying public in the manner they deserve to become accustomed.

Pollos Pucalor

Neither big-box store nor supermarket rotisserie birds will satisfy after a session with Olmer Puentes’ expertly seasoned chickens coming hot off the spit at this Colombian specialist. P.S. There’s a sibling in Morristown.

The Popularity of Pop-ups

Be they one-offs or sporadic happenings, celebrations that spotlight Garden State foodways and food pros have become value-added events to count on.


The Little York

What might seem old gets spiffed-up with new touches and conscientious sourcing at a centuries-old spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

Pickled Strawberries

Why not make the very most of this now-in-season berry by doing something a little different with it that makes it deliciously charismatic in a different way?


Three from the Mouths of Locals

Cape May County’s year-rounders know best when it comes to the kinds of everyday good eats visitors to its backroads and beaches might have a hankering for, be it on a daytrip or during a settle-in stay.


Holiday Snack Bar and Mustache Bill’s

Two icons of Long Beach Island are still serving forth this season. Both are imbued with tradition and sincerity that take decades to engender.

Smoked Bluefish Dip

Scallop Shack Farms’ extraordinary spread will make itself right at home in your kitchen, proving its usefulness and camaraderie with far more than the usual dip partners.

Restaurant Revue CAPE MAY

Mayer’s Tavern

Simple goes spectacular at the revival of a once fight-prone local haunt that now draws the culinary-centric angling to be seated in front of whatever chef Rob Marzinsky is dishing out.

Cape May County Riches

Spend a handful of days in our southeasternmost county listening to what locals have to say about their home-grown eats and you’ll come away with a bounty of splendid fare – such as these fab five recommendations that top the charts for the two weeks just past.


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