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The Great Out-of-Season Tomato Boycott

To honor our Jersey tomatoes, to pay them the respect they deserve, it’s time to forsake all others during their out-of-season months and welcome them back in summer with serious celebrations.

Veg Direct

The Garden State is missing a vital link between our farms and our independent ethnic restaurants. Until we make what’s available widely accessible, we’ll never know our true potential.

Wrench in the Food Chain

There's an ever-increasing number of restaurants with out-of-state corporate ownership in New Jersey, eateries with homogenous menus that make no or little attempt to speak to the Garden State's unique foodways and terroir. What exactly are these chain restaurants doing for our local identity and our overall economy?

Sweet Talk

When does one of the most common taste descriptives actually do wrong by the foods it purports to explain? Andy self-critiques and consults an authority for answers.

Thoughtful Thanksgiving

It’s the eve of the nation’s annual eating holiday, when roasting and recipes and running out of room in the kitchen are on the minds of many. For at least a few minutes, however, let gratitude for a bigger picture take hold.

At Long Last, Unity

A diverse group of stakeholders in the issue of liquor license ownership in New Jersey gathered this week and united on a plan to address the subject that has long been fraught with discord. A prominent licensee called the summit “historic,” noting that “this has never happened before.”

It’s Rabbit, Not Bunny

An extraordinary dish showcases a meat that doesn’t so much have a bad rap as it does an ill-informed one. That’s why rabbit is condemned by those who align with animation over responsible stewardship when it should be revered for being lean, nutrient dense and needing only a small footprint to be happily raised.

My Old Italian Home Restaurant

Be true to your own favorite when it comes to dining out in the genre of the red, white and green. It doesn’t have to be the “best.” It just has to be the one you love.

Tomato Troubles

We’re at peak season for our beloved Jersey tomatoes. But something’s wrong with this picture, and it’s high time we come together to solve a problem that weakens our food systems and never will do right by a product that’s been the pride of our state.

BYOB Futures

Calculating the risks of being an unlicensed restaurant in the Garden State leads to a most unhappy conclusion: Without liquor reform, most independent chef-driven eateries won’t make enough profit to survive.

Trouble in the River Towns?

Anchor restaurants currently are shuttered in Lambertville, Stockton, Frenchtown and Milford while owners and operators shift gears, pause or look for answers. One thing is certain: There’s strength in identity.

Pot Yuck

The potluck is a presumably democratic, decidedly popular way to entertain. It surfaces widely twice a year: in summer and right now, during the holiday season. TPW’s founder/editor explains why she hates potlucks and what needs to be done to save ourselves, and our stomachs, from their ill effects.


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