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Life on the Farm

The Seeds Planted

Lauren Vitagliano’s homestead is in the heart of the Pine Barrens, a natural treasure that is fertile and fruitful, lush with native plants and hospitable to what might not easily grow elsewhere. In this, her first Life on the Farm column, Lauren tells us about growing flax and how she uses it to up the ante on her honey.

Smart Shop

West Windsor Farmers’ Market

A broad-scope market with much to choose from, this Mercer County stalwart is where those with a keen eye and adventurous palate do their food-buying. Ella weighs in with her vendor favorites.

Gilda Rogers, with historian/graphic artist Lynn Fylak
Gilda Rogers, with historian/graphic artist Lynn Fylak

Food for the Soul

By using history as far more than mere reference, Gilda Rogers' words and Ada Asghedom's dishes deliver a one-two punch of African culinary culture and its influences on modern soul food in a program presented by the Monmouth County Historical Association.

Seared duck at Common Lot
Seared duck at Common Lot
Fortnightly 5

Warmups: 8-15-22

Be it courtesy of the embrace of craft, the congeniality of place, the love inherent in preparation, or the teamwork of farmer and Mother Nature, the favorites of the two weeks just past are cosseted in warmth.

Pole Beans plated with Tomato Sauce and Toasted Garlic
Sunday Kitchen

Pole Beans

Jolly giants of vines at Two Barn Farm in Pittstown yield deeply flavorful green, yellow and purple beans that can be turned, quickly, into a seasonal supper that celebrates produce at its height.

Kristina and AJ

The Pastatarians

AJ Sankofa, Kristina Gambarian and their team at ESO Artisanal Pasta take their craft to another level, determined to elevate an everyday food we hold sacrosanct.

Life on the Farm

What’s Your Lawn Done for You Lately?

Grass isn’t the way to live a greener life. Alessia Eramo farms in her back yard in the city of Clifton, a commercial hub in suburbia, providing food for her family and friends. Her Life on the Farm columns will educate and inspire – starting today.

Food Find

Stone Circle Farm Teas

Teas from this farm in Cape May Court House are made from plants grown and dried right on its acres. More than merely flavorful, they’re a complete sensory experience.

Coconut Lime Éclair
Coconut Lime Éclair
Baker to Baker

Josué Negrón, Dulce Artisanal Pastry

In the latest installment of TPW’s monthly column featuring Martha Rabello talking shop with a fellow practitioner of the pastry and baking arts, Martha visits with Josué Negrón, owner of one of the most revered bakeshops in the Garden State. And, she learns, this pastry artist never wants to be without his bowl scraper. 

Chef Train

Arben Gasi, Le French Dad Boulangerie

The perfect baguette – and many more very French baked goods – have made this true boulangerie in Montclair a mecca. Now its chef-owner is being inducted into our elite club of top toques, the chef-picks-chef society of highest quality in the Garden State.

Food Find

Burnt Mills Ginger Ale

The cidery in Bedminster is a mecca for lovers of premium seasonally attuned hard ciders. But its ginger-strong ginger ale is a draw for those thirsty or underage (or both) who want to partake in its genial community scene.

Cooked peaches, with simple syrup
Season's Eatings

Peaches, from Parks Farms

From a family farm in Chester Township more than a century old comes a steady stream of seasonal produce starring summer’s peak peaches. Ella Rapp also finds a pipeline to guidance in the duo who shepherds its farmstand.

Life on the Farm

The Good Egg

From backyard hens come a symbol of fertility and potential that can yield to everything from bar snacks to an elegant pastry cream. In our inaugural Life on the Farm column, Kate Munning brings it all home.


Happy Campers

Liz McCabe and Adam Sternberger, the couple who own the wise and worldly White Horse Wine & Spirits in Absecon, are ringleaders of an activist culinary community in Atlantic County. An evening of natural wines and local foods they orchestrated and dubbed NatCamp shows what they bring to the table.

Food Find

Get Pickled

Carol Talarico’s condiments – think kimchi, giardiniera and gochujang – are in a league of their own in an ever-expanding field.


Ram & Rooster, a Garden State Original

Sean Yan, the acclaimed and innovative pastry chef at Heirloom Kitchen, plans to open next year a Chinese-inspired restaurant of his own that promises to be one-of-a-kind in New Jersey.


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