FORTNIGHTLY 5: Why/When It's 3 Not 5

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One view of the CSG at Genesis

And So It Continues

Genesis Farm’s singular Community Supported Garden program is unlike any other in our Garden State. In this, the first of three stories about the place that has inspired heartfelt commitment among hundreds of families, learn about its mission and how its bounty shapes the way the CSG’s multi-generational membership eats and lives. And, importantly, save the date of Sunday, April 28 for its open house.

Seared fatty salmon belly sushi
Fortnightly 5

Why/When It’s 3, Not 5

All told, the salmon belly, cauliflower taco and buttery claytonia would make a most delightful meal. So we’ll move past what might have been, toast this trio and hope for better in the weeks to come.

Karyn Moskowitz

Direct Connections

The fresh produce is here in the Garden State, grown by our skilled and dedicated farmers. Why, then, does access for all remain elusive? Karyn Moskowitz has solutions to the problem and is actively creating links from farm to home table.

Season's Eatings

Ramps, Vintage ’24

Beware the hawker of this wild allium whose sales pitch comes with strings attached for that person is not paying the darling of spring the respect it needs to survive. Buy only sustainably harvested ramps and in this, a slow year, use more sparingly in accenting roles. In other words: Enjoy, but mindfully.

Burnt Leek-White Bean Dip
Sunday Kitchen

Burnt Leek-White Bean Dip

At first glance, leeks are sandy and coarse members of the allium family. In American cooking, they’re easy to avoid. When given a little extra time to roast in their own husks, leeks can be incredibly sweet, smooth and evocative of early spring flavor. 

Trash Can Poutine
Food Find

Blue Lady’s Trash Can Poutine

Imported from Canada are a food truck, its chef-driver and a fabled dish. All are finding a new home in Union County.

Photo of Alec Gioseffi by Shaun Lionetti, courtesy Ironbound
Chef Train

Alec Gioseffi, Ironbound

Not many chefs can say they’ve helped to build their restaurant from the literal ground up. But the newest member of TPW’s chef-picks-chef society of top toques has done just that, using his synergistic approach to food, farming and community to tie it all together at Ironbound Farm and Ciderhouse in Hunterdon County.

Za'atar potatoes
Fortnightly 5

Produce to the Max

Merely by chance, very unsuspecting, the favorites of the past two weeks happen to be stalwarts of the produce bins given extra loving in dishes that make veg and fruit lovers most happy fans.

Spinach egg
Sunday Kitchen

Spinach & Soy Eggs

Treat the loveliest of from-the-farm spinach leaves as you would the choicest of embellished Easter bonnets and anoint the verdant petals with hard-cooked eggs soaked in a jazzed-up soy marinade.


Cravings of Great Joy

Fruta-Mex in Hammonton specializes in antojitos, the light, refreshing snack foods of Mexico that belong on more menus in our Garden State. Trend-setters, please unite in support of the dishes that need to be everywhere.

Photo courtesy Community Food Connection

Circling Around Hubs

What happens when a group of stakeholders in various agricultural enterprises are brought together by the New Jersey Food Democracy Collaborative to talk about the variety of hubs and the options they offer in selling Garden State produce? A lot of learning.

Sunday Kitchen

Lively Chives

Early to sprout and easy to incorporate into first-of-spring dishes, the wispy allium can star in a hearty salad that can go entrée or holiday side dish.

Asparagus in our future

Spring Forecast

We’ve had a few tastes of early springlike weather this month. But now that we’re in actual calendar spring, what harvests can we look forward to once the new season takes hold? Garden State farmers weigh in on what they’re likely to be picking soonest and what will follow as the days lengthen and grow warmer.

Pizza in the truck's oven

Local Pizza Made Good

Pizzaiolo Chris Hill mines his home turf of the Northwest Kingdom of the Garden State for key ingredients he uses to build the pies he fires and sells from his food truck, A Slice of New Jersey.

Mary’s Linzer Cookies
Fortnightly 5

Flours and Fishes

The tops of the two weeks just past show off three very different uses of flours and two polar-opposite approaches to fishes.

Sunday Kitchen

A Baguette and a Jar of Pickles

Sometimes the most important things in life – essentials for a proper picnic, for instance – come to you without asking, These are the gifts you will cherish the most.


Veg Direct

The Garden State is missing a vital link between our farms and our independent ethnic restaurants. Until we make what’s available widely accessible, we’ll never know our true potential.

Food Find

Spruce Blue Jam

Spruce tips and Hammonton blueberries find happiness together in a Pine Barrens Post jam. Which in turn inspires a new take on an old recipe.

Clockwise from top left: Ryan and Liz; array of mushrooms; happy pigs; hens, safe and warm

Having It All: Four Fields Farm

With multiples of skills and a heartfelt mindfulness of place, Liz Balchin and Ryan Lacz are creating a diversified farm in Warren County that maximizes use of their lands while respecting every inch of it to the max.

Grilled Radicchio Salad
Sunday Kitchen

Grilled Radicchio Salad

Welcome the season on the horizon with a salad that uses the grill and accents anxious for action. Kiera’s how-to brings it all home.

Sinigang soup

Luzviminda, an Excursion to the Philippines

We’re now in the leanest months of the year for Garden State produce, which means it’s the right time to take a meal-length vacation to one of our transporting ethnic restaurants.


Wrench in the Food Chain

There's an ever-increasing number of restaurants with out-of-state corporate ownership in New Jersey, eateries with homogenous menus that make no or little attempt to speak to the Garden State's unique foodways and terroir. What exactly are these chain restaurants doing for our local identity and our overall economy?

Coconut-lime layer cake
Fortnightly 5

Welcome Revisits

Think you know muffins, hummus, duck, Asian seafood bowls and layer cakes? Well, not so fast: These versions made by pros with superpowers show how thoughtful tweaks can improve a standard.

Sunday Kitchen

Oat Bowl

After you’ve baked your breads, cookies and muffins, made your granola and smoothies and crumbles, grab your bag of River Valley Community Grains rolled oats and realize it’s also what’s for dinner.


Hub Hosts Bakery Pop-Up

At Marksboro Mills, life and commerce are as they should be, with bakers who use the locally grown, on-site-milled grains in their farm-to-oven baked goods selling them directly to you. At your friendly, convenient neighborhood hub.

Food Find

Norma’s Spinach Turnovers

It’s an easy-as-pie any meal, any time heat-then-eat food made by the folks at a landmark restaurant in Cherry Hill and sold at its adjoining grocery.

Chef Train

Eddie Aguilar, The Stirling Hotel

The newest inductee into TPW’s chef-picks-chef society of top toques has mastered work-life balance all the while expressing his far-ranging experiences and talents on every plate. As his fan and selector notes, he’s “never lost his flair.”

Life on the Farm

Cheesemaking Does Not Stand Alone

As an integral part of a sustainable food system, the craft and its products are culturally valuable, nutritionally valuable and an intrinsic part of social and ecological landscapes everywhere. The guest writers of this special Life on the Farm column are committed to small-scale farmstead cheesemaking, practicing it year-round at their acclaimed Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse in Holland Township.

Hot on the Trail


Independent-minded creatives and entrepreneurs fuel a culinary community that offers quality and choice. It’s where “shoppe centers” and a village downtown solidified in the 1800s fend off common suburban sprawl.

Fortnightly 5

Personal Passions

Chefs at restaurants that touch bases around the world might be anchored in the Garden State, but they stay true to their roots with dishes both poignant and powerful.

Sunday Kitchen

Winter Workhorse: Cabbage

A stew of the red version of the cruciferous vegetable with red onions and red lentils brings its own dose of sunshine to a last-leg-of-winter day.


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