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Chef Train

Chef Sheunn of Yumi

Chef Chris Calabrese of Nettie’s House of Spaghetti talks about his own favorite spot to dine out, and about the master craftsman, innovator, and community member who owns the place.

Sweet, tender aspabroc
Sunday Kitchen

The Longest Day of the Year

Celebrate maxed-out daylight with your pick of the bounty. One suggestion: “Aspabroc,” a type of broccolini that leans sweet and plays very well with others at the table.

Courtesy of Mike Jurusz
Fried soft shell crabs at Allen’s Clam Bar, New Gretna

Soft shell crabs: A season to savor – quickly!

Jersey soft shell crabs reach their peak in June. As in RIGHT NOW. Here’s why you should grill, sauté, broil and fry them post-haste.

Soft serve at Royale Crown

Royale Crown Homemade Ice Cream and Grille

Seasonal fruits, including the famous blueberries, star in the high-butterfat content ice creams made by the same South Jersey family since 1953. A headline could read: “Local foods make good."


Gill St. Bernard’s School: The Taste-and-Talk Project

Two dozen students in the Upper School of Gill St. Bernard’s School, Gladstone, spent the days of their annual year-end unit exploring new foods, learning the art and science of tasting, and talking about how to accurately convey their experiences. In this four-part series in The Peasant Wife, the student food critics speak out about flavor as well as what foods they tasted and favored during their wide-ranging week of eating.

June 2021

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Springhouse Creamery Curds
Food Find

Springhouse Creamery Curds

Little Miss Muffet would not have let a mere spider frighten her away from her meal if its curds had been courtesy of this dairy in Sussex County.

Why Tech?

Why Tech?

More high-quality wine grapes must be grown in the Garden State to satisfy the demands of a burgeoning industry. Will new technologies in planting help?


Vacchiano: Family Farm Begets Family Market

Three generations work diversified farmland in Warren County, tending to livestock, acres of produce and vineyards. To make the fruits of their labors more widely available, they’ve opened an expansive market on a busy byway in Readington.

Heath bar strawberry from Halo Pub
Bradley Beach Mexican ice cream
From Cookman Creamery
Cookman Creamery matcha rose
Hot on the Trail

Cold Comfort

Toast this holiday weekend by making a trip to one of our hand-picked (and many-times-licked) destinations for highly original ice cream. Then keep following our trail – and keep trekking back for more, more, more.

Sebastien Destree, owner of The Pastoral Pig
Photo by Mike Peters
Pastoral Pig
Pastoral Pig

Beyond Prime

To paraphrase Confucious: The way your meat is butchered reflects the way you live. Sebastien Destree, owner of The Pastoral Pig in Flanders, takes pride in cultivating relationships with farmers who in turn take pride in the care and feeding and health of their animals.

Asparagus Galette
Schober peach products

Collingswood Farmers’ Market

Set to music (live, to boot) and percolating with people who appreciate the wide range of farmers and artisans who set up shop Saturdays, this thoroughfare of home-grown foods is a four-bag must for the culinary-centric.


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