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Filling the Boat

At Cape May County’s Scallop Shack Farms, expansion is the direct result of extraordinary products and a desire to serve the seafood-buying public in the manner they deserve to become accustomed.

Chicken with Peanut Sauce and Friends
Sunday Kitchen

Peanut Sauce in a Jar

Use the dregs of a jar of peanut butter to make one of the most versatile sauces in the cooking world. It’ll be done in the time it takes to double-play “Twist and Shout” and give new meaning to “shake it up, baby.”

Ned Lincoln, Home Winds Farm

The Popularity of Pop-ups

Be they one-offs or sporadic happenings, celebrations that spotlight Garden State foodways and food pros have become value-added events to count on.

George’s Limoncello French Toast

Three from the Mouths of Locals

Cape May County’s year-rounders know best when it comes to the kinds of everyday good eats visitors to its backroads and beaches might have a hankering for, be it on a daytrip or during a settle-in stay.

Sunday Kitchen

Pickled Strawberries

Why not make the very most of this now-in-season berry by doing something a little different with it that makes it deliciously charismatic in a different way?


Terra Chimera Farm

What Lauren Giunta and Cain Cummings are growing on acres in Cape May County isn’t about quantity yields and common crops, but treasures unearthed in a wealth of seed catalogs and destined to inspire.

Food Find

Smoked Bluefish Dip

Scallop Shack Farms’ extraordinary spread will make itself right at home in your kitchen, proving its usefulness and camaraderie with far more than the usual dip partners.

Clams at Mayer's Tavern
Fortnightly 5

Cape May County Riches

Spend a handful of days in our southeasternmost county listening to what locals have to say about their home-grown eats and you’ll come away with a bounty of splendid fare – such as these fab five recommendations that top the charts for the two weeks just past.

Rainbow Chard and Cheddar Quiche
Sunday Kitchen

Rainbow Chard

Pretty in its vibrant colors, this green partners with salty cheddar curds in a quiche that suits meals of many sorts.

Sweet cream blueberry

Creams from the Crops

Daughter-Dad team Komal and Pankaj Das churn the expected, the unexpected and a whole lot in between at their highly personal ice cream shop in Budd Lake.

Giuliano Argenziano
Baking Arts

Baking the World a Better Place

Giuliano Argenziano's exquisite baked goods express a rare talent not only for creating and executing an oeuvre with a pure Neapolitan accent, but also his determination to bridge concepts in ways that spur conversation and thought.

Sunday Kitchen

New Friend for Frisee

The workhorse chicory so popular in Europe is in high season right now in the Garden State. Do with it what classic recipes dictate, but then give it an Asian twist and find new delight.

Zora Levkovski
Baking Arts

The Dawn of Zora

Premier baker Zora Levkovski explores her heritage through every item in her Little Balkan line, shining light on classics and energizing each with irresistible twists.

Chef Train

Ken Mansfield, Strada

The newest addition to TPW’s chef-picks-chef society of top toques is tending to Italian classics in Atlantic Highlands, where he dials in on the details of making fresh pasta and pizzas from his sourdough starter. What causes his selector, David Viana, to return again and again? Consistency of craft.

Fortnightly 5

Leading with Lemon

Masterful applications of the citrus take charge in a trio of top eats, while the other two picks for this go-round can spice up snack fare.

Sunday Kitchen

Mustards, the Forever Green

Think you don’t like this yin-yang of a green? Well, maybe you just haven’t tried mustards in a way that makes them downright lovable.

Byrd chef-owner Ehren Ryan

Byrd’s Eye View

Chef Ehren Ryan brings his distinctive and provocative world of food to a new space in Hoboken, determined to redefine casual elegance while respecting the values and vision he set in place at Common Lot. With Byrd, Air Ryan is born.

Left to right: taco sampler; Chef Eduardo Espinoza, ceviche tostada.

Sea Change

Chef Eduardo Espinoza is looking to bring something different to the tables at El Pacifico, his Mexican restaurant in Bridgeton: an ever-expanding repertoire of seafood dishes that elevates classics and tests uncharted waters.

Sunday Kitchen

Jasper’s Whispers

All hail a Jersey guy who took a love for food born and bred here and transplanted it to another place, but kept his respect for inherent terroir intact.

Clockwise from top left: Betsey Coatney, Benchmark Breads, at Asbury; from Flour-ish, at Burlington; Giuliano & Dorina at Asbury Fresh; John Squicciarino, Rolling Hills
Smart Shop

Bonanza of Bounty

The farmers and food artisans are ready – and so should you be, too: It’s high spring season at some of the biggest and busiest buy-direct markets in the Garden State. We check out three and find both longtime favorites and new loves.


Saturday Breakfast Trout

Once or twice a year, on a Saturday morning, we’d head out to the back of our yard where the roar of the Musconetcong could be heard clearly, catch trout, then fry them up with wine and butter. Cereal was for another kind of day. Ed Sherry’s story hits spring’s perfect pitch.

Crab-pork dumpling, at Tasty Moment
Fortnightly 5

The Freshest Takes

There’s nothing unfamiliar about our five favorites, but all take a spin on the usual to make for superior eating. Far superior.

Sunday Kitchen

Spiced Dried Squid

Don’t know much about the slices of cephalopods that are dried and served as snacks in Asia? Grab and go with a brew, and be delighted. Be just as delighted to make a sauce for them and turn nibble into dinner.

Life on the Farm

Grasp the Nettles

Protect yourself from the sting of the wild herbaceous perennial when picking its leaves, but then let it protect you through its valuable nutrients and anti-allergen properties. Kate Munning explores the generous benefits of a plant too many fear.

Hawaiian Classic Poke at Ciao Poke

Ciao Poke & Mango Mango

Fast-casual gets a couple more entries, these both at the uber-busy Festival Plaza in Edison anchored by Hmart. One’s got its pluses; the other’s a lot of noise.

Ditalini and pea pesto
Sunday Kitchen

Peas Please in Pesto

Morphing spring’s first peas into pesto shows just how creamy this common vegetable can become after a whirl in a food processor with the right companions. Though its parts may be humble, the result is anything but.

Satisfied Collingswood Farmers' Market customer

Shopping Right

Three, two, one – head to a farmers’ market! Buy fresh-as-it-gets directly from the grower, producer, maker. It’s the most gloriously abundant time of the year, and it’s just beginning.

All photos by ET Schindler Photography, courtesy of Lita David Viana
Chef Train

David Viana, Lita

The newest inductee into TPW’s elite chef-picks-chef society of top toques in the Garden State first garnered acclaim from diners and his peers for his innovative and technically precise plates. Powered today by a commitment to consistency and person-to-person connections, David Viana is far from finished when it comes to innovating. At his newest restaurant, Lita in Aberdeen, he’s serving up riffs on family recipes as well as a fresh perspective on hospitality.

Fortnightly 5

Free-wheeling Range

A soda and a gravy, a burrito and a love child of a cross-cultural rice dish. Throw in a groovy green and you’ve got quite the spectrum of top eats of past two weeks.

Sunday Kitchen

A Fabulous Four

Benchmark’s country loaf, Chickadee Creek’s arugula rabe, Valley Shepherd’s smoky butter and a tin of anchovies (of all things): Can this be supper? Yes. And many other meals coming your way.


A Movable Fiesta

McKitrick Chabot is Tacos Chicas and she’s all about bringing her fresh-faced Mexican home-style cooking to you via her compact food truck kitchen.


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