SUNDAY KITCHEN: The Great Dips-for-Dumplings Experiment

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Life on the Farm

Zucchini Antipasto

Low-tech preservation is the right kind of “slow” – and it’s as forgiving as the good-hearted nonna who spoils only with her abbondanza. Kate Munning shares reasoning, resources and the right recipe to get you started.

The Seeds Planted

Lauren Vitagliano’s homestead is in the heart of the Pine Barrens, a natural treasure that is fertile and fruitful, lush with native plants and hospitable to what might not easily grow elsewhere. In this, her first Life on the Farm column, Lauren tells us about growing flax and how she uses it to up the ante on her honey.

What’s Your Lawn Done for You Lately?

Grass isn’t the way to live a greener life. Alessia Eramo farms in her back yard in the city of Clifton, a commercial hub in suburbia, providing food for her family and friends. Her Life on the Farm columns will educate and inspire – starting today.

The Good Egg

From backyard hens come a symbol of fertility and potential that can yield to everything from bar snacks to an elegant pastry cream. In our inaugural Life on the Farm column, Kate Munning brings it all home.

Meet Our New Column

And some of our new columnists, who will be telling stories from the lands that they love and they work. They may grow, they may forage, they may explore with wonder and a mind-set to protect and preserve. They do right by the environment, even as they feed their families and friends in many of the same ways as the folks did who lived in our Garden State centuries ago. We hope you learn from what they share and perhaps be inspired and curious enough to engage.


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