FORTNIGHTLY 5: Some Things Old, Some Things New

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Restaurant Revue Jersey City


Uttam Rawat is a chef’s chef and, at his very personal storefront on the edge of India Square, he puts the dishes that elucidate and educate on full display. Kiera Mitru analyzes his lessons.

AJ Capella, Summit House

Unabashedly in love with the Garden State’s abundant and diverse ingredients, the newest inductee into TPW’s chef-picks-chef society of top toques isn’t shy about speaking out on behalf of New Jersey’s glorious foods.

Thoughtful Thanksgiving

It’s the eve of the nation’s annual eating holiday, when roasting and recipes and running out of room in the kitchen are on the minds of many. For at least a few minutes, however, let gratitude for a bigger picture take hold.

Restaurant Revue OCEAN GROVE

Dale & Dollops

A salute to a retro era takes a different tack when it comes to its menu, which is proudly plant-based and all about 21st-century classics.

Vegetable Pot Pie

It’s fit for a Thanksgiving potluck, adaptable to a variety of vegetables, right as a main course for guests who prefer plant-based foods and also suitable as a side for meat-eaters. It’s a heavenly savory pie.

Past Perfected

Retro goes Grade A in Coots Kitchen, the bakeshop of Kathryn Logie where everything from Good Humor treats to Pop Tarts gets a modern-ingredient makeover.

Restaurant Revue BRIDGEWATER

Krishna’s Kitchen

The foods of Gujarat are the soul of the menu at a warm, yet modest storefront that stands as the home kitchen of a daughter-father duo. They’ll be your guides to a lesser-known Indian cuisine built on grace and ineluctable balance.

Smoked Salmon Chowder

South Jersey Smoke House gives Garden Staters a chowder of our own with a new and singular stewy soup. (Or is it a soupy stew?)

Restaurant Revue HADDON TOWNSHIP

Que Ricas

Come for the Venezuelan arepas, don’t miss the cachapa and ease on to the finish with a guava-jammed empanada. How delicious, indeed.

Touching All Bases: 11-13-23

A sandwich, sweet potatoes, sashimi, a curry and a new rice for a risotto take the lead in another U.N. of eats from the two weeks just past.

To Spice, with Love (Part Two)

All-pro masalas and a novella-like cookery book are all you need to bring the magic of Barkha Cardoz’s flavors to your home kitchen.

To Spice, with Love

Intimidated by the Indian blends essential to the magically seasoned dishes you covet? Be cowed no more, armed with both bottlings and a companion cookery book by Barkha Cardoz.


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