SUNDAY KITCHEN: Peanut Sauce in a Jar

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What's Brewing?

‘Bridge’ Beers

Four City, Cape May, Little Dog, Jersey Girl and Bradley Brew Project are making what our columnist loves to drink right now.

Revolutionary Times

It all started for our beer columnist at Harvest Moon Brewery & Café. Nostalgia and curiosity prompt an exploration of today’s craft scene throughout Middlesex County.

Sweet Success

Brewers experimenting with an arsenal of ingredients normally employed by pastry chefs are crafting stouts and porters layered with flavors and not overwhelmingly sweet. The result can be a grand finale – served in a glass.

Winter Warmups

Heat can come from brewing methods, added ingredients or the grip of a hand around a snifter of a chilled beer. Shawn’s picks this month guide you to the best of the wide-ranging cold-season genre.

Make Someone Hoppy

A bottle or three of that special Garden State micro under the tree will prompt the beer lover on your gift list to grin like a kid on Christmas morning. Santa Shawn has several selections for you to consider.

Chasing Rainbows

Like the Thanksgiving table itself, your beer menu should provide choice. Our faithful guide advises offering a many-colored range of styles and flavors.

The Great Pumpkin Beers

Costumed in accents that rev up flavor, these stouts and ales are in tune with the season and its supreme squash.

O’zapft is’!

Celebrate Oktoberfest right now with Garden State brews our beer columnist taps as the tops.

Fruits Looped In

What happens when brewers unleash an inner pastry chef? Beers like these.

Happy Together

United, and it tastes so good.

Brave New Beer Worlds

Trails need blazing, and our beer columnist aims to travel down ’em all.

Party Partners

Take a cue from our columnist with his picks for barbecue-ready beers.


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